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Celebrating Tuesday!

Amazing things can happen when I am free of my children for a few hours. Today was Peyton’s first day back to school and although she was miserable at drop-off she was all smiles and told me “I had a GREAT day!” when I picked her up. She’s got a “get out of school free” card for tomorrow. She and I will be heading to Rogers Middle School to help in giving a big Thank You to a young lady who raised some big bucks for the Cure Kids Cancer Challenge for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation last year. I guess for all the crappy stuff I have to see, the loss and the grief, there can be some really tremendous events too. Watching a middle school student get behind the cause of raising money for pediatric cancer research is one of those things. I just feel in my heart that if we can raise awareness in these kids, they are going to grow into the adults that make the difference in the future of childhood cancer.

Today I ran a million errands, getting things accomplished and being able to enjoy a few moments of silence. I completed one list item after another at the speed of childless! It was awesome. I got some fun time to birthday shop for Rachael, planning to give her a great mommy and me mall day…she lives for the mall! There will oodles and gaggles of other girly stuff, and I’m sure it’ll make Nathaniel gag a little bit, but I can’t wait to see her ear to ear grin. Peter’s heading home Thursday night for the long weekend and will be here to celebrate her big day!! Cookies for her classmates, presents, dinner out at her place of choice, and all the things that make a day all about you perfect. Between camps and summer chaos no plans have been made for her party yet, but I’ll work it out somehow.

Can I tell you that I went for a mani-pedi today…sheer unadulterated lazing around. I’m sitting there, looking around and realizing that I’m the only Asian person in a seat that’s not in FRONT of a tub of water. Oh the stereotypes are sooo based on a kernel of reality.


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