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Q. Who designs your headers?
A. With the help of Photoshop CS, a lot of great people who allow free downloads of brushes, patterns and random fun stuff to play with, I do. Using a photo of Peyton each month really doesn’t hurt either, she tends to distract from whatever creative ADD I might have had that month.

Q. What type of cancer does Peyton have?
A. Peyton’s formal diagnosis is Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, CNS positive. She has the most common form of the most common childhood cancer. Leukemia makes up about 70% of all childhood diagnosis’s, and although there is a much better survival rate than 20 years ago, 2-3 in every 10 die of their cancer and there’s no real statistic of how many don’t survive the secondary illnesses that come from chemotherapy and radiation treatment. That’s why we are so driven to raise the much needed funds to keep researching better, less toxic and more efficient treatments and to offer treatment options for the many who have none. Pediatric Cancer falls lowest for government funded research and it is the first to have its budget cut. We are passionate about giving these kids a better chance at life. For more information on pediatric cancer research and how to get involved or donate to supporting research, please check out the Pediatric Cancer Foundation at www.fastercure.org.

Q. What does Peter do for a living?
A. Peter works in IT for a company that facilitates group meetings via things like conference calls and video conferencing. His pastimes (addictions) are football season, games where you get to blow things up and watching every cruddy, low budget show that the Sci-Fi channel broadcasts. He is also the technical genius behind anything that we do in our household that involves computers.

Q. Do you know all the kids on your “Kids that inspire us” page?
A. As of right now, yes I do. There are several that are not from Florida but I keep in close contact with their families. I don’t post pictures of any child, their website or information without the knowledge of their family and the permission to do so. If you have a child with cancer that you are interested in posting on our page for support and prayer, please contact me via the “Contact Us” page or Anissa.Mayhew(@)gmail(dot)com.

Q. Do I know of any pediatric cancer resources in (insert city here)?
A. Unfortunately, I only know some nation-wide and local Tampa resources. If you have one that you think would help other families (charities, support groups, chat forums or other blogs) please let me know and I’ll be sure to get them posted after verifying what they do and how they help. I’m involved in the launch of a new website with some other wonderful cancer parents called the One Voice Project. We have high hopes that it will offer support, encouragement, insight, suggestions, ideas and answers to the questions and issues that face families fighting childhood cancer. There will be a lot more about that as the launch date approaches.

Q. What kind of camera do you have?
A. I have a Kodak Easy Share z612. Yeah, no kidding! It’s a really easy camera that takes some great snapshots. I would love to eventually replace it with a camera that lets me be a little more creative with my photography hobby, but until then I’ll just keep taking my snapshots with my nice little point-and-shooter.