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Tuesday, the new Monday

Yesterday’s clinic visit brought good and less than good news. Peyton’s platelet count and hemoglobin were both really good, but her ANC (that lovely number that tells us her ability to fight off infection) dropped down to 500. 500 and lower puts her in risk range for getting sick, so we’ll have to take a little more care to keep her from anyone openly sick. She got her big weekly dose of Methotrexate last night, so her counts over the next week could continue to drop. Her next clinic visit is her tri-monthly spinal tap…JOY!

Of course, the way it works out, her spinal tap day falls on the same day as her consult with the physical therapist. I had to make that appointment many weeks ago, so there is no way I’m missing that visit! So, we’ll do her spinal in the afternoon. That makes it a little inconvenient because she won’t be able to eat after breakfast since they’ll give her the mild local sedation and vomiting all over the doctor is highly frowned upon. She’ll have her spinal, her Vincristine via port and then she’ll start her 5-day pulse of steroids.

Monday night we got the chance to get with some awesome friends to paint tiles that will be used as awards for the Cure Kids Cancer Challenge. Can I just tell you that there are no words to explain how sweet these tiles are? Some are just a mess, some are so delicate and perfectly drawn, some are by the cancer kids, some by siblings, some by parents….they are perfect in that they represent the whole family that is affected by pediatric cancer. They are beautiful and I can’t imagine how touched the recipients will be when they are handed these personalized gifts.

Today Peyton and I trucked on over the Children’s Cancer Center for our weekly Little Tales fix. There was both joy and sadness in the day. Hannah continues to worsen due to the growth of her tumor. Her parents are making the choice on a shunt. The options are that it will either aid in making her time better or it’ll make it a lot worse, there is no middle ground. Please keep the Deal family in prayers as they make these choices that will give Hannah not only quantity, but quality of life through her last precious days. As we were getting ready to leave, I had the chance to play with Hannah for a few moments and it broke my heart to see the changes in her from just a few weeks ago when we planted her garden. But she still lit up and smiled and giggled when I played peek-a-boo with her and that just made my heart sing. Even if her time is too short, and we anticipate the heartache of saying goodbye to her, to see her laugh and love today is what truly matters.

I ask you to add prayers for Baby Leo and for Maddie Bridges. Leo has Neuroblastoma and is such a sweet little fighter, just 6 months old. His last scans showed a shrinkage of his tumors, but not as much progress as his family had hoped. They remain positive and strong and we pray for a treatment plan that will be effective in fighting his cancer. Maddie is a 2 year old with Rhabdomyosarcoma, she is newly diagnosed and just had a surgery to remove tumors at the base of her neck. She is so precious and shy and I just ask for prayers for her safety and treatment, but especially for her mom. Mom is going it alone as a single mom with a 2 year old with cancer, and a 3 year old. Her job is giving her a really hard time and is so unsupportive. I pray that their hearts are touched with compassion and that those in charge see the need to reach out to this family.

If you have yard sale stuff (good stuff please!) a group of us moms from the Children’s Cancer Center are going to throw a quick yard sale to benefit the Bridges family. I’ll take what you have to give!

Kiss your kids, call your mom, love your friends and family, get down on your knees and thank our Lord for each blessing that He bestows on you. No matter how tiring, frustrating, irritating, seemingly pointless your day has been…it a blessed day!

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

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