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The limp is back

After Peyton finished Delayed Intensification 2 I was thrilled that her limp was gone, and she was no longer complaining of leg or back pain! Today the kids and I went to walk the mall for something to do in the midst of the rainstorms so that we could get out of the house. While we were there Peyton and Rachael would run ahead of me and that’s when I noticed that her limp was back and it looks worse than it ever did. She got a heavy duty dose of Vincristine on the first day of maintenance on the 11th and I was just surprised to see the limp come back in such a pronounced manner. She’s walking like a little duck and to see her run, it looks like one of her legs is shorter than the other. I’m disappointed to see the limp come back, I’d prayed that since it seemed to improve that we wouldn’t have to do physical therapy, but now that it’s come back with a vengeance, I’ll have to get her into a PT schedule.

She took a hit in the face again, right above her left eyebrow, and it left a NICE bruise. It goes fantastically with the bruise that won’t seem to heal on her cheek. All she needs now is a busted lip and she’ll look like the poster child for the “Am I an abused kid?” public service announcement.

Pete, Nathaniel and I got to go see the Harry Potter movie…not all at the same time, Nathaniel and Pete went to see it while I stayed home with the girls and then I went by myself tonight. For someone who doesn’t have kids, going to a movie alone might sound sad…but for me?….it means on one bugging me for food, whispering for me to explain what just happened and no trips to the bathroom right in the heart of the action. I’ve spent the past few weeks reading through books 1-5 and it was so much fun to watch.

Tomorrow night the family is meeting with Kyleen, our child life specialist at the clinic, and Nancy, the head nurse at the clinic at the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Brandon. The FOE provides a lot of the crafts and supplies that the kids enjoy so much during their clinic trips and we were asked to come and I’m going to be saying a few words of thanks on behalf of the families that they help. It’s an awesome opportunity to say thank you to a group that consistently supports our clinic kids.

I have so much preparing to do over this weekend to start getting ready for our trip to Give Kids the World. I have laundry to do and bags to start packing!! I’m really excited about that. We go to the clinic on Monday to see what her counts look like and if they are even close to being low I’m going to ask for blood so that she’ll feel good while we’re in Orlando. Because she’ll be doing two heavy doses of Methotrexate before we get back to the clinic I want her to be all pumped up and perky.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

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  1. #1 Penny Hawkins
    on Jul 21st, 2007 at 11:04 am

    HEY – I would have went with you to see the movie. Kids seen it with their dad – next time alone – HOLLER. Penny