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That's how the Mayhews party!

We were invited to attend a “Christmas in July” party held by the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Brandon. The FOA hold a Christmas in July and a regular Christmas party in December where they collect toys to donate to the All Children’s Clinic that Peyton goes to.

When we got there tonight we were treated to an awesome home cooked turkey dinner and someone had brought us chocolate covered strawberries as a special dessert. After Nancy, the head nurse at the clinic and a board member of the FOE, got up and explained the purpose of the night….then, Kyleen, the clinic child life specialist got up and talked about what their donations provide…and then I got to get up and just give them a short speech about the special gift they give the kids of our clinic. I talked about how the prizes and gifts the kids receive are such a part of making each clinic trip bearable for the kids, that the prize is something they look forward to after each finger poke, port access, spinal tap…whatever they have to endure. It was just important to let a group who devotes time, money and dedication to making the kids’ experience better know what a difference they make.

The group was thoroughly taken with Peyton, who danced the night away with Rachael and Nathaniel, who smiled and played throughout the party. The members of the FOE all brought toys that were placed on the pool table for Kyleen and Nancy to take to the clinic for the kids. By the end of the night, the toys were piled three feet high all over the table and my kids were wide-eyed at all the goodies. Poor Nathaniel really weighed the benefit of getting a few shots for getting some of those toys…I made sure to let him know that it wasn’t worth it.

Nathaniel, Rachael and Peyton had an absolute blast, there was a DJ and they all danced and shook their groove things (often to songs they’d never heard, this DJ played to a slightly older crowd….Sinatra, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry) but they enjoyed it all!

I just want to send a huge thanks out to the Fraternal Order of Eagles, you gave us a great night and we are so grateful for the wonderful crafts and gifts you provide our kids and for the continued support for the clinic.

Peyton and Kyleen, the greatest Child Life Specialist EVER!

Cake with blue icing….again….

Nancy, our favorite head nurse in the world!

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

PS….I added some updates to the Events Calendar…check them out!

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