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Stuff!….sometimes I just can’t think of a witty subject line

So, check this out. Team Peyton’s standing out of 46 teams is #2!!! This is only behind Moffit and they’ve only raised two hundred dollars more than us….they have over 30 members on their team. The #3 team has over 20 members and is less than one hundred dollars behind us in donations. Team Peyton is rocking the Relay with only 13 members!! And 5 of those members are under 10 years old….if you could see me right now, I’m doing a little typing boogie as I write!

This morning Nathaniel and Rachael took jars with them to school for their fundraising effort that we’re calling Pennies for Team Peyton. They were so excited that after only one day each one had some money donated to their jar and I think that this is going to be a real learning experience for them. Tonight Rachael prayed “and help Peyton get her money and all the other cancer kids get their money jars”. She doesn’t quite have it all figured out, but the size of her heart definitely makes up for it.

I got invited to speak at the Relay! I was a little surprised, but totally honored to do it. I will be speaking during the Survivor’s Reception and I’m not sure what I’ll say, but I’m thrilled to be able to share Peyton’s story at this event and the wonderful way God has moved in all our lives.

Wednesday the 28th will see Peter and me celebrating 9 years of marriage. In 9 years we’ve had three kids, moved 5 times, lost some hair, gained our share of weight, had a stroke and cancer…we’ve shed a lot of tears, shared a lot of laughter and loved completely…..it’s been a long but wonderful 9 years. We are blessed to have each other, I am so thankful to be Pete’s wife and to be side by side with him each day. He’s an awesome father and the most wonderful husband I could have dreamed of. The Lord definitely knew what he was doing went He matched us up…..Pete is sooooo lucky! Hahaha

Update on Anna and Tiffany Allen!! I just got off the phone with Tiffany and got their wonderful news. After a second dose of chemotherapy, Anna’s finally in a remission from her Evan’s Syndrome. Her platelet counts went from the low thousands to over 200,000 and her hemoglobin is finally in the normal range. The doctors feel that after she finishes her last two doses of chemotherapy, she should remain in remission for up to a year. Anna will require weekly visits to the clinic to monitor her counts, but she will get to go home tomorrow after two weeks at All Children’s and complete her chemotherapy treatment outpatient at the clinic in St. Pete. This is such a huge answer to prayer, Anna has been heavy on my heart and I am so thankful that her treatment has been successful. Tiffany sounded so wonderful tonight, happy and positive and upbeat and it was fantastic to hear the happiness in her voice.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

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