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Quickie update from dad

Ok, so after Peyton got her treatment yesterday she and Anissa came home and napped. Peyton was in a pretty grouchy mood and we soon found out why. She was running a fever. So, we called the clinic and they suggested we run her down for the obligatory 3 day stay. Anissa loaded her hockey bag up with everything but the kitchen sink and my mom ran her and Peyton in about 8 last night. Apparently Peyton tried ordering room service at midnight. Peyton's in good spirits just running a little hotter than normal. She gave me her famous "thumbs up" when I loaded her into the car. They have her on an IV and running a culture on her.

I'm working nights and do that from home, so when the kids get out of school, we'll run down and spend the evening at the hospital. Hopefully I'll be able to get Anissa online while I'm down there. These times are roughest on our little Rachael. She's 5 and just wants mom. Of course while mom and Peyton are away, the kids get to sleep in our bed, so that's a nice little bonus. Nathaniel was a HUGE help in getting Rachael calmed down last night after everyone left. He knows that humor and goofiness work wonders with her. He's becoming quite the big and impressive little man, and I'm very proud of him.

Update on my car situation….Broken connecting rod. Don't know how/why that would've happened, but the warranty covered everything 100%! We were sweating it because with everything that's gone on since we bought that car, we kinda slacked on the oil changes. I guess it was one of those things that didn't seem quite as important as everything else going on.


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  1. #1 doug powell
    on Mar 16th, 2007 at 4:52 am

    That is AWESOME about your car! I have been praying everyday for your car specifically. You guys have done so much for us and you are going through the same garbage. I am going to continue to hold your family up daily and especially you Peter. I think it is hardest on us dads. We have to be "The Rock" in every situation and you are double cursed/blessed with that challenge with a name that means "The Rock".

    Keep on truckin' brother!

    Doug Powell :TONGUE