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lack of updates

Normally I would just be posting my little heart out right about now, but I've been unable to get online in our room and can only get on in a waiting room in the surgical waiting room on the first floor. So, I'm keeping the messages all up to date and ready to post as soon as we get home, which hopefully will be soon.

Peyton is still flaring with fevers in the evenings so we were unable to be discharged today. Dr. B said maybe tomorrow or Monday if she stays fever-free tonight, but we'll see. Her apetite is nil, she's eaten nothing since her chemo appointment Wednesday morning. She doesn't feel terrible, but she's definitely not herself.

Please keep her in prayers, we're both bored out of our minds, but keeping busy with roommates and making new friends. The posts about the last few days will detail all the new people we've had the opportunity to meet.

Thanks for keepins us in your thoughts and prayers.
f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

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