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Jimmy Reichert

I had the most fantastic experience this morning. It was a feel good, heartwarming, wonderful thing. A family that we’ve met through the CCC was the chosen family of the Badge Bowl. Jimmy Reichert is a 7 year old battling leukemia and during his first treatment he was three weeks from the end of treatment when he relapsed. He is now approaching the end of his second treatment, he looks wonderful and he is just a phenomenally strong little boy. His mom Christy raises him and his two sister alone, they lived in a trailer that was falling apart in the worst way. The Badge Bowl is an annual event where Tampa’s Finest (Police) and Tampa’s Bravest (Fire and Rescue) have a charity flag football game. Jimmy’s family was last year’s recipient of the charity gift!

With the extent of their need, the Krewe of Agustina de Aragon (that is so not going to make any sense to anyone not from Tampa), the Foundation of Courage and with the compassion and generosity and hard work of many people, Jimmy’s family walked in today to a brand new double wide trailer, with all new furniture and appliances. Each child had their own bedroom, painted especially to their personal likes and it was like a very special small town version of Extreme Home Makeover.

It just touched my heart in a special way to see the community rally around a family who needed it so very badly. Christy is an amazing person, a mom who struggles day to day, but finds so much joy in the fact that she has her children, and she has each day with them. One thing that this past year has truly made clear is that if it can be repaired, if it can be fixed, if it can replaced….it isn’t that big a deal. It may be inconvenient, but that’s all.

I rode all day on the emotional high of how happy I was for Jimmy’s family. It was such a blessing to be with them on this day and to share in their joy. I pray that their new home continues to bring them so much happiness.

Back on OUR homefront though…..

Non-steroid conversation

“Can I have this cookie?”

“How about a banana?”

“I want a cookie!”

“You have to eat something healthy first.”

This is usually met with a fair amount of grumbling but an agreement that as a reward for eating said healthy item, a cookie will be given.

The STEROID conversation

Standing in front of the fridge with the door open and her head stuck in until all I can see are her shoulder-blades, I hear, “There’s no fruit in here!”

In the normal situation I could shrug this off and coerce her into something else to eat. Instead, I feel this pit of dread in my stomach because I can sense where this is headed.

“Let me check, there might be some grapes in there.”

“There are NO strawberries in there!”

Ok, well, that boat has sailed. There are definitely no strawberries in that fridge. So, I do the thing that would send any good nutritionist over the deep end.

“Would you like a chocolate cookie?”

Yes, I offered my child who is craving fresh fruit a sugar filled AND coated snack.

“Do I taste like I want a cookie?” This was accompanied with a look that could only be interpreted to mean “Hey, lady, did you take your meds this morning?”

But yes, she asked me if she “tastes like she wants a cookie”. The wording may not have been right, but let me tell you, the sarcasm and inflection got the point across beautifully.

About 3 minutes later Pete was out the door to Publix to get some fresh fruit.

Hey, if a strawberry will keep her head from spinning around Exhorcist-style, you'd be burning rubber out of the driveway too!

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

1 Comment on “Jimmy Reichert”

  1. #1 Lucille
    on Sep 9th, 2007 at 9:57 am

    You were very smart to get the strawberries!!! I've been on steroids..they can make you really mean. I laughed so hard when I read your last post. I've been reading about your journey for a while now and would like to thank you for sharing your beautiful children with us. Stay strong and fully stocked up on snacks.