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Borderline stalker

It was like writing an essay for school, only easy! The hardest part was keeping it under the 2000 word limit. This is the email that I sent off to Ellen Degeneres, Oprah, Regis and Kelly, Larry King, Martha Stewart, Tyra Banks, CNN, ESPN for the love of Joe!

“In life there are so many things that people will have do that are difficult. But I would say that there is very few things that could possibly be as hard as watching your child suffer though a life threatening disease, the future uncertain and the possibility for a cure just beyond our reach. September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month and I am truly pleading with you to take the time to recognize this month. My daughter Peyton is 3 years old, she has been battling Leukemia for over a year now and there is nothing more painful and rewarding than being at her side fighting right along with her. As the parent of a cancer child there is so little that we can do to help our kids, we cannot make this better, we cannot kiss this away. What we can do is raise awareness, raise much needed funds for research of childhood cancers, something that is being neglected by our national cancer groups and government. Do you know that cancer is the #1 killer of kids? More than AIDS, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and asthma combined? My daughter is one of over 40,000 kids battling cancer at this very moment. Please use your powerful voice to help us be more effective as advocates for our kids. I’m not asking to be on your show, I’m not asking you to donate your money…I’m simply asking, begging for you to give our precious children a voice. There are so many parents diligently working towards bringing a cure to our kids. www.loneliestroad.org, is a website about 5 fathers, one who I’ve had the honor of knowing personally, who are biking from CA to Washington D.C. this month in the names of their 5 children dying from Neuroblastoma. The treatment is there, but the money is not available to produce it for their children. What would you give to let a child have a chance at life? There is strength in knowledge, power in hope, and there is no better time than now to let people understand the grand scale of pediatric cancer. “

This is the email that I’m planning to send once a week for however long it takes to get recognized and for something to come of it. I truly encourage each and every one of you to take a moment, write a short email to one of these people who have such powerful voices in our media. I mean, if Oprah can get a million people to read “Of Mice and Men”, I think she could definitely boost the coffers for pediatric cancer research, right? If we are persistent and diligent, it will make a difference and we will be heard.

One thing that the Pediatric Cancer Foundation is preparing to put into action is called The One Voice campaign. It’s the brainchild of three moms who’ve lost children to cancer and it’s just the simple idea that if we are united in our efforts, if we are loud and constant, no one will be able to put pediatric cancer on the shelf anymore. We talk about the fact that breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer have adult voices and advocates. They’ve been able to make amazing progress in research by the effective way they’ve raised money for their causes. We are going to do that for our kids.

Today was a day, a long full day. Peyton’s hasn’t been sleeping well, so neither have I. She has, however, been sleeping in panties instead of a pull-up. I have to wake her up and take her to the potty in the middle of the night, but it’s been a week and we haven’t had an accident yet!!! AWESOME!!

In the morning we went to a meeting for the Cure Kids Cancer Challenge, it’s phenomenal to hear all the progress we’ve made in such a short time. We’re already tucking away ideas and plans for next year’s walk. We are encouraging people to get registered online, we have to order our event tshirts very soon and we need to have a relatively accurate count, so if you’re planning on coming out, get signed up soon. We are in need of volunteers, if you’ve been thinking “Man, I think I’m going to be so bored on the 29th, I wish there was a way for me to get involved with the PFC and to help out with a great event raising money for pediatric cancer research”….this is your lucky day! If you know of a group that is looking for volunteer hours, or are just a compassionate heart with a few hours to spare, it is a great reason to get out and come on board.

After the meeting, I dropped Peyton off at Grandma’s house. SHHHWWWEEEEET! I had the chance to head to St. Joe’s hospital and go visit some friends who are stuck inpatient. Scott Patterson is a very special young man who is diagnosed with t-cell leukemia. He recently suffered a stroke, they believe due to the aggressiveness of a particular chemo medication, and it was fantastic to see him talking, smiling and responding. He has the best smile, and it was a wonderful visit with his mom and dad. We had a good time just talking and joking and for me to catch up on how life has been treating them….the only real way to put it is that life has treated them much the way a baby treats a diaper. But they are so strong, able to smile and laugh and talk about all that’s been going on. The whole family needs our prayers, encouragement and support.

I had a self-induced parent teacher conference today. It’s moments like this that I really just have to reach out and tell my mom and dad “sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry”. After all my stress and anxiety over Nathaniel’s performance in 4th grade, I basically got told that he’s a genius. He manages to daydream in class, forget books, homework, doesn’t take notes or study in any visible way….and he’s getting perfect grades. I expressed my concern about his inability to be organized or responsible and his teachers expressed their delight that he’s not disruptive or a problem child and is making the grades. So, we agree to just let him do his thing…stressing the importance of his staying with his brain in the moment and let his sheer genius handle the rest. My kid…the math brainiac….that is ALL Pete’s doing.

Right now it’s a disturbingly peaceful night at my house. Peyton and Grandma decided that she should spend the night, so they had to make a trip over to grab her nightly and morning chemo. While here, Grandma was coerced by Rachael to let her spend the night as well. No little girls in the house. It is quiet! I may break out in song. Nathaniel promptly invited his best buddy Ryan over to spend the night, but I truly believe that it’s impossible for any two boys to make as much noise as my girls.

I’m going to sleep without any little bodies trying to push me off the bed or kicking off the blanket. Mark the calendar, I have no idea when it might happen again!


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