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Hope things come out ok

Wouldn't you love to hear that after being strapped to a table and traumatized by a radiologist that Peyton had a gem of an evening? Full of happy fluffy cotton candy moments!

Well, instead she was constipated.

Now this is where I warn people that this next portion of the post is maybe TMI…Too Much Info….so stop reading now!

For those willing to brave this part, constipation is really rubbing salt in the wound of a cancer kid. It's not like they don't go through enough with chemo making them sick, making them ache, making them tired and worn out…now she can't poop! She takes a stool softener to make this an easier process, but with Vincristine, Codeine and enough caloric intake to sustain most of the offensive line of a football team…I guess her system's bound to get clogged up.

Poor little girl cried for hours while trying to push…in fact, she looked a lot like I did trying to birth an 8 – almost 9 – pound baby. It didn't take as long for me to produce a baby as it did for her to take care of business. After finally realizing she wasn't going to be able to do it on her own, I gave her a suppository to help matters along. There was a certain look in her eye that told me I should prepare to sleep lightly for the next few years because she WILL get her revenge! Although relieved, she wasn't shy about telling me that she REALLY didn't love THAT medicine.

I have to tell you that I was pretty much a midwife for Peyton last night. I rubbed her back and soothed her the best I could and then let her squeeze my fingers through the worst of it. So, all last night, she held onto those fingers…yes, I literally slept with my arms held out so that she could grasp my fingers….all night long. I think maybe she thinks my fingers are some sort of laxative…because today whenever she needed to poo she's yell for me to come and give her my fingers to squeeze. Let's hope she gets over that eventually or it'll make her high school years a little awkward.

Ok….on to better topics!

Our friend David came and took Nathaniel for the day so that he could play with his kids….loved it!

Our friend Chris let Rachael come over and spend the day with her girls…a happy girl came home.

You would not believe how much I got accomplished in one day with the two older kids gone and Peyton lounging on the couch all day. I feel much more prepared for our trip to St. Pete, I'll be able to finish up the rest of packing and prepping tomorrow.

I also got word that friends are planning to deliver some meals to Pete and the kids during our absence! Our friends have jumped in to make sure the kids are taken care of during the mix up in scheduling and now they're going to feed the crew! How awesome a blessing is that? I know Pete could handle it, but its nice to know that it'll be made easier through the kindness of so many. That gives me a lot of comfort in having to leave my family for so long.

The [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kvcvi1IioSY]Faces of Childhood Cancer video[/url] is in the process of being readied for use by the [url=http://www.fastercure.org]Pediatric Cancer Foundation[/url] for their upcoming fundraising and awareness mailer. I'm excited to see how that turns out! They are such an awesome group of people and the work they do to get us closer to a cure is so needed. The video on YouTube is over 3000 hits already (counting the 800 hits on the original version that had to be taken adjusted)!!


Noah Fishman had surgery today to take care of the bowel obstruction that was causing him so much pain. Brandy told me that they were all surprised by how fast he's bouncing back! We continue to pray for a speedy recovery and the end of his pain.

[url=http://www.caringbridge.org/fl/sydneysims/index.htm]Sydney Sims[/url] prepares to leave Monday for NY for her surgery and treatment. Please keep her in prayers that they will be able to get her relapsed cancer into remission and give this wonderful little girl a chance at the wonderful life she deserves. I know her miracle is in God's hands.

[url=http://www.helphannah.org]Hannah Deal[/url] and her family are getting ready to head out for a second Make A Wish trip to Disney World and a Disney Cruise. Because they wanted so badly to give Hannah this gift before her body starts shutting down, it is a bittersweet trip. We pray that Hannah is able to enjoy her time and that the memories made will be precious and give them comfort throughout these days where their only option is to wait and pray.

Don't forget that Sunday is Peyton's day to shine on the [url=http://promos.tbo.com/telethon_2007/index.htm]All Children's Hospital Telethon[/url] at 12 and 5! She'll be there in her chunkalicious glory, watch and support her and all the fantastic work that is done at ACH. For those who are not local to Tampa to see the telethon,[url=http://promos.tbo.com/telethon_2007/index.htm] you can go here[/url] and they will be streaming it live and you can watch our family on live! [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzu7klbWI_8]Click here to see the taped segment that will play of Peyton[/url] at the clinic (it was taped 3 weeks ago on the first day of steroids…..amazing what three weeks can do.)

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

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