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Dressing up

Forget about "Survivor" or "Amazing Race"…you want a reality show?….try this one…"Moms who have to find insane items for end of the year costumes at the last minute!!" I guarantee you drama, comedy and people pushed to the limits of their endurance. I had to find a lion costume for Rachael's graduation play….a lion costume in May…it's going to be 800 degrees and my kid will be wearing 25 pounds of polyester fur….and these aren't something companies apparently stock up on in May! Thank God for Google. Then Nathaniel lets me know Tuesday that he needs black gloves for his musical program on Wednesday….loving that one! I don't know if those would be easier to find if we lived up north, but after the 4th store I was starting to think we were going to have find "a guy" who sold things out of the back of a van somewhere….luckily we found some at Lowes, of all places…in the gardening section….size? Gargatuan! But they were black and they were gloves.

Rachael looked amazing last night in her dance getup….she was precious dancing and smiling and being the princess. Nathaniel cracked me up during his musical because he was seriously jazzed up through the whole thing. I wish you could have seen it, he was in the front row and this was HIS moment! He does spirit fingers like no one else, let me tell you. Poor Peyton's meds really kicked her butt in the middle of the evening and thankfully Peter and I drove separately because I had to take her home halfway through the night. She was tired and feeling awful already. Unfortunately that makes me THAT parent….tons of pictures of Rachael and none of Nathaniel.

In just 48 hours, Peyton's feeling the effects of the steroids already. This morning alone she ate waffles and a banana, then we went to "Muffins for Mom" at the kids' school where she ate donuts, then we went to Cracker Barrel for a yard sale meeting where she ate eggs and bacon…and it's only 11 AM. She's starting to look pale and her little eyes look bruised from the dark circles underneath. But she's still smiling and for the most part hasn't hit the crankies yet.

I ask for special prayers for our friend Nikki Hawkins. I'd shared with you that she got a puppy from the [url=http://www.forethechildren.org]Fore the Children[/url] event and she was so excited about Faith and that dog was so loved. Well, the puppy got sick the day after they took her home, and this week she died at the vet's office. Poor Nikki has, of course, taken her loss very hard. Please just pray for her as she copes with this emotional blow and loss.

I got news that the St. Joe's pediatric cancer wing was full this week…full because they had 17 new diagnosed kids…17! How sick does that make you feel? Just pray for each of these families, the pain, fear, struggle and battle that they will have. Let's just lift them up to God and pray for His powerful hands to be wrapped around them.

Yard sale plans are really underway! The date is waiting final confirmation, but for now it is set for June 30 from 9-3 at Baylife Church. There is so much to do and plan and organize, but people are really stepping forward to volunteer their time and effort and we are being shown the generosity of so many…it is truly humbling and uplifting at the same time. God is amazing in His ability to show you what He can do. I have faith that this event will be an answer to prayers and needs that our family has and that He is going to provide in a special way.

I just got back from taking 3 princesses to Disney on Ice. Yes, you read that right…3 princess…Rachael, Peyton and….no, not Nathaniel….I may be "evil" but not THAT evil! Rachael brought a friend from school, Emma, and all three of them dressed up in Disney princess costumes and we hit the road. We ate dinner at Olive Garden, they were a hit, and then when we got to the Forum they were so excited to see more little girls in their princess finery. We were in a box suite hosted by a local Tampa business with lots of snacks and goodies and a fantastic view of all the ice adventure. We met up with friends from the clinic, Nurse Nancy and her granddaughter Hayden, Allie Blain and her family, Adelaine and her mom and a friend and it was so much fun! They boys all missed out but we enjoyed Girls Night Out.

Emma, Rachael and Peyton ready to rock the Princess scene

Adelaine and Peyton getting their groove on!

Peyton and Allie giggling up a storm

This is the face that I'm going to hold onto as Peyton's steroids kick in…happy, smiling, loving life…and I'll be praying for its return.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

A random picture of Nathaniel to prove that I DO take pictures of my son!!

Funny extra! I call it "Taking the blame for everything"

Angela Powell shared this with me today and it cracked me up.

During nightly prayers one night, Adelaine made the comment that "Jesus gave me cancer"…and Bowen, the 5 year old, jumped on it and said "Jesus didn't give you cancer, Satan gave you cancer!"

Adelaine thought about that and then asked "PEYTON gave me cancer??"

Bowen said "No! Satan! Satan gave you cancer!"

So, now Adelaine will randomly ask Bowen the name of "who gave her cancer"…..so long as it's not Peyton taking the hit for that one.

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