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Cancer touches us all

There was news that NFL coach Joe Gibbs of the Washington Redskins has a two year old grandson that was just diagnosed with leukemia. It hit me that this is a family of wealth and fame and success, and all that is nothing in the face of what they are going through now. There is no dollar amount you can place on the life of your child, no physical luxury that can take away the pain of this experience, it becomes a fight for survival that affects every family differently, but unites people from all walks of life in its shared struggle. I feel the pain of this family, remember my own and I pray for them to have strength and peace throughout Zachary Gibbs’ treatment.

The American Cancer Society is going to starting up the Relay for Life, an overnight event that raises funds for AMC support programs, raises awareness of cancer needs, celebrates survivorship and remembrance of those who’ve lost the fight. Peter and I would like to start a team, it would involve agreeing to be on our walk/jog team throughout the night, getting sponsorship and donations for our team and having the opportunity to be a part of something so much bigger than us individually. If anyone is interested in joining TEAM PEYTON for this event, we’d love to have you on our team! This is the team webpage for Team Peyton and you can find more information about this event. We are going to participate at USF on April 13-14.

Peyton is still bouncing around these days. She has a diaper rash that would make grown men cry, it’s causing her a lot of pain and it’s just torturous to chance a diaper. We’ve tried to sway her to the way of the potty, but she’s adamant that she’s chosen to stay in a diaper until she’s decided she’s ready and not a moment sooner. I suppose it’s a small something in regards to everything else, and as I’ve told other, as long as I don’t have to change a diaper during her high school graduation then I guess it’s all ok. I would have liked for Peyton to start pre-k in the fall, but unless she gets the potty thing down it’s a no go. I think that if Nathaniel knew wetting his pants was a way to get out of going to school he’d probably consider what the damage would be to his reputation.

Nathaniel had big news yesterday. He’ll be traveling to Ft. Myers this spring as part of a team that will represent our school in the Math Olympics. This will be directly after his examination and testing by geneticists to make sure he’s actually the child I’ve birthed because I know I passed down no math-genius genes. We’re so proud of his making the team, he’s excited and I know it will be a great experience for him.

I’m doing ok, I’m exhausted and dragging and my house is a disaster because there’s no way I can clean faster than my kids can mess, and I’m just too tired to care. But, we get the basics done, and we continue to just roll with the punches that come our way. Right now, I’m trying to figure out what to do about school next year for the kids. With me not being able to work this year to pay for their tuition, God provided a scholarship for them to be able to attend and it has been a huge blessing in all our lives. To give the kids the reliable sense of familiarity they have at CBCS, along with the kind of nurturing and compassion they could get no where else, it’s helped them adjust to all the constant changes in their lives. Just keep this decision in your prayers, that a job that will allow for Peyton’s treatments and the need for flexibility in schedule will come along for me. I trust that if this is where the kids are meant to be next year the Lord will provide an answer.

f.ro.G…fully relying on God

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