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Blessings for Breakfast

This morning, I took Peyton to her favorite place in the world to eat…Hooters! Just kidding, Cracker Barrel, of course. When Peyton walk in it’s sort of like when Norm walks into the bar on the show Cheers, I expect to hear “Peyton!” shouted all over the restaurant. All the waitresses and hostesses smile and talk to her, she just acts like she owns the place, and we’re on first name basis with our favorite waitresses.

In fact, Peyton has become such a CB staple that today she’s started racking up presents! NO kidding. One of our most frequent and favorite waitresses is named Marlene and her husband came in to the restaurant to eat today. He sat next to us and he and Peyton were just smiling and grinning at each other, it was so cute. I had no idea who he was until Marlene came over and said that her husband had gone out to the store part to buy Peyton a toy because she pretty much just charmed the pants off of him. He came back with the sweetest puppy dog that pants and wiggles it’s tail when you pat its head. Peyton just laughed and laughed, it lit her up like a candle. She played with that toy all day, and it’s in bed with her right now. She was very particular about her dog being a boy and that its name is Rachael….awwwww.

What amazing people you meet along the way in a journey like this, and hopefully you have the chance to touch their lives in a positive way.

Tomorrow is Nathaniel’s 9th birthday. I can’t believe that he’s this gawky, long-legged mini-man already. I’ve told others that when we had Nathaniel we were blessed with this happy, healthy, easy going baby that was just such a cake walk to parent. We were feeling pretty darn proud of ourselves…..Look at us, we’re such parenting geniuses! We’ve brought forth this perfect little man child and we have done good! We are really great at this parenting thing. And then Rachael came along and we realized we knew nothing and it was her job to show us how much nothing we actually knew. But this was my first baby, and I am soooo very proud of the young man that he’s become. We are blessed to be his parents and to be a part of his life.

Nathaniel’s last official picture as an 8 year old.

There are prayers in my heart for our special friends in need. The Harry and Lisa Greenaker family are facing an amazingly difficult time as they prepare to go to Miami for a surgery that Harry needs. It is a scary time for them and full of unknown possibilities. Please keep them in your prayers for strength and peace and comfort throughout the anxiety, the surgery itself and all the pains of recovery.

I would also ask that prayers be sent up for Kyle Chubb. He’s a 13 year old boy who had leukemia, he’s been in remission for a year now and he’s going in tomorrow for tests because something has just not been right with his health. They will be doing tests to see what is going on with his body and to make sure that there’s no threat of relapse. This family needs our prayers and support right now as this threat on their child is hovering above them.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

ps….GO COLTS!!!!!!! I just want to let you all know that as soon as Peyton went in to put on her team jersey is when the game started to turn around for the Colts….don’t let the Bears know we’re harboring their secret weapon!

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