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Monday starts Peyton next cycle of chemo IF her blood counts are high enough. Her ANC was 500 at last count and if it's not at least 750 on Monday they'll put off giving her more chemo until it comes up. Although the severity of the treatment they give her will drop it rapidly I guess they want her to have a little wiggle room.

She's learning to wear a face mask, I'll post a pictures soon. They're to safeguard against germs and infection, but getting her to keep one on is ridiculous! It's also hard to put pu it on her because people just stare and I can literally feel their thoughts. I guess there's something that can irk in the difference between loving sympathy and straight out pity. But I'm going to keep taking her out as much as she feels like going and it's just my pride that's talking there.

The Tupperware fundraiser stuff should be arriving any time, I've got my fingers crossed it'll show up before the weekend so we can have it ready to go next week, but we'll see how US postal service treats us. Thanks so much for the fantastic offers to help out and participate, it means so much to us!

Tomorrow is Grandparents Day at the kid's school and we're looking forward to a fun day as the kids celebrate with their Grandma Sharon. They have been practicing songs and poems and making special crafts, plus they're super excited it's an early relase day, whooooppppeeeee! I'll have to come up with something fun to do with them.

I have two great friends with fantastic news! Kara Sue and Ivy are both expecting new babies and I am so thankful and excited for them. Please just add these new lives to a prayer for health and happiness, and for their mothers to have nice easy pregancies.

Love to all!

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