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Practice Drills

All those quick prayers must have done the job because as soon as we got to the hospital her fever disappeared and she has felt jolly fine ever since. Her lethargy from Thursday morning is gone along with the fever. They have to do blood and urine cultures any time she gets a fever, so regardless, they were glad that we followed protocol and called her fever in to the oncall doc. I feel a little silly being in here with this extremely bouncy and chatty little girl, who is still the healthiest sick kid I've ever seen. But this is definitely something they stressed, ANY time she gets a fever over 101, we HAVE to take her in.

Her ANC continues to drop so her vulnerability to infection is rising, so we can expect more visits like this in the future. I guess it was a good practice run in getting the bag packed and getting on the road as quickly as possible. They rush rush rush you and then you wait….but such is life. She's got great nurses here and we're seeing a lot of familiar faces.

We're looking forward to heading home on Sunday as she has been fever free for 24 hours and shows no symptoms of anything else. They're keeping her under watch for UTI because of some pain she'd had earlier in the week, but we won't know any results until Sunday.

If her blood counts and ANC are still low on Monday they will hold off her chemo treatment. Today her ANC is 400 and they said if it was below 750 they would hold the chemo. So, maybe we'll get an extra little break in there.

Whatever brought her flash fever on, I think so many people started praying immediately, that it just ran out of her little body. God is continuing to show his care and love for our baby in her ability to fight this battle with a smile on her face and a song in her heart. As her dad and I each held a hand she squealed "Swing me! Again! Again!" through the halls of the hospital. She's so joyful and I am so thankful to have the people in my life who are teaching me every day to be a better person. We've been blessed by the Lord and I don't take any of it for granted.

I miss Nathaniel and Rachael, their Grandma Sharon got to spend the day with them at school for Grandparents Day and then she took them to the beach and just did lots of fun stuff with them. Although I miss seeing them it's just so good to know that they've been loved and cared for and I don't have to worry about who's taking care of them. Thank you to my wonderful mother-in-law who continues to make this journey with us and back us up whenever we need it, with her prayers and her actions.

My parents are coming to visit tomorrow and it will be their first chance to visit since Peyton got sick. Unfortunately, my dad has serious heart problems that leave him feeling less than 100% most of the time and he's not felt up to coming. Please say an extra prayer for him, strengh and health for him and wisdom for his doctors. But we're looking forward to a great visit with my folks. I know the kids will be thrilled to see them and they will help keep them occupied while Peyton and I are stuck down her at the hospital.

Thank you for all the emails and calls, keep the prayers rolling because they work!!!!


Psalm 33:22
May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you.

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  1. #1 TeAnn
    on Sep 16th, 2006 at 9:09 am

    Hello- My name is TeAnn (I am from the School of Scrap where your friend-Lisa attends). Just want you to know prayers are going out to to your little Peyton. God is the great physician.