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Mood swings and 3AM feedings

Wow, women in menopause ain’t got nothing on Peyton! She’s going to be a bear someday when she’s got PMS. Poor thing goes from laughing hysterically to crying uncontrollably about socks in the blink of an eye. I feel so bad for her because she has no idea why her emotions are all out of wack and she can’t do anything about them. We only have two more weeks of steroids and then hopefully she’ll start to level out soon after.

I really thought that with my youngest almost turning 3 we’d be through with 3 AM feedings, but every morning she smacks me and announces that she’d like some chicken and black olives. So I get up and I make them for her, and watch her eat like she’s been on a 3 week fast. It’s truly astounding. Then the poor things moans and groans because she ate too much too fast and her tummy hurts.

Poor Nathaniel and Rachael sort of stare at her in awe, the way you would regard a tornado in the horizon. They’re never quite sure if she’s going to laugh at their antics or slap them….it’s runs about 50/50.

I’m pretty beat these days, keeping up with her moods is a full time job and my new job as short order cook 15 hours a day is prepping me for a fine career in the fast food industry if I ever want one. I had a wonderful friend Chris come over today and take Nathaniel and Rachael for the afternoon, she took them to play and go swimming and it was so nice for them to get out and have some free kid time. I’m so thankful for my friends that are stepping in to help wherever they can.

The two older kids get to go meet their teachers tomorrow at school and then their first day is Monday, so hopefully that’ll help Peyton’s moods. She really does prefer when they’re gone. Sad to say, but as much as they try to cheer her up, these days it genereally ticks her off. So, they’ll be busy, she and I will spend the days trying not to send her off the deep end…it should be fun for everyone!


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