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Meet Kaylie

I've had the most wonderful opportunity to meet a special family.

I met a local pediatrician who has children at our school. The first time we met, she realized that I was Peyton's mom and she shared that she had been given the heartbreaking task of diagnosing a 9 month old baby girl with leukemia. She explained that this was the only child for this mother, and how devastated she was to have to give this news. For a moment I had this rush of how it felt that morning we found out about Peyton, how I just felt broken and frightened inside and sat on the floor of the bedroom and cried when I told Pete that she was sick. My heart went out to this family and I gave Dr. Champoux Peyton's card with her website and my email address and phone number. I asked that she give it to the family, and that if they ever wanted to talk or needed anything to please let them know that I was there for them.

That was in September and this past week I got an email from the mother, Tisha. They are at St. Joseph's Cancer Clinic, with a different oncology group than we have, but the common factors are all there: fear, anxiety, pain, a sense of loss of the normal life we'd thought our child would have. I immediately responded and asked if I could visit them and bring Peyton up to see them.

We've been twice now and it's just wonderful how the Lord works in our lives. I hate that Peyton has this disease, I would love for nothing more than for her to wake up tomorrow healed, but if we have to do this, then we're finding great things can come of it. We've met our special friends the Powells, I've met Stacey who's the mother of a leukemia survivor, and now I get the chance to know Tisha and Kaylie and Kaylie's beloved grandmother Patti. Angela Powell was able to bring Adelaine up to meet Kaylie and I know that we both felt that we hoped to give Tisha some comfort and support and to let her know that she's never alone during this fight.

Kaylie's at much higher risk than Peyton because of her age. Her chemo treatments are higher dosages than ours and it's just brutal on her system. When she was diagnosed it had affected her kidneys, but now that has gone back to normal. Kaylie is so sick from her chemo, she has developed a blockage in her intestines so she can't eat, she can't poop, she throws up all the time. They had to put a tube down her nose to drain all the yuck in her system so she'd stop vomiting all the time. They are running tests to see if there is damage to her liver, and this poor family has been at the hospital for almost 7 weeks straight!

But Kaylie has the most beautiful little face, her eyes are so deep and intense it's captivating, and she's so calm and serene regardless of everything going on around her. I got to see her smile today and she just lit up like a Christmas tree. It was exhilarating to see her happiness, knowing that she felt lousy and her body is going through so much. Her mother and grandmother stay with her around the clock, never going home, just taking turns holding her and comforting her and this little girl is so loved and treasured.

I ask for everyone who prays for Peyton to please say prayers for Kaylie, she needs extra strength from God during this time. Please pray for strength and hope for Tisha as she struggles to help her sick little girl through this treatment. I could ask for nothing better for this family than for them to feel the kind of love and constant support we've gotten.

fully relying on God

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