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Icing on the cake

The only way to top off a topsy turvy week like this one was to have Peyton get a fever and for us to have to get admitted into the hospital.

Around noon Peyton started to show signs she didn't feel well and her temperature was rising. By 2 I had to call the doctor and let them know she had a fever of 101.4 and she sent us straight to the hospital. Since we've been admitted she had a horrible time getting her port accessed, three times they had to do it, and on top of that they had to take blood from her arm so they could do a second culture and make sure nothing was actually in the port itself. They've already started her on antibiotics and they've given her tylenol which has the fever under control. She feels pretty lousy at this point, so I'm hoping they're able to figure it out soon.

On the upside, Adelaine is still admitted to the hospital getting treatment for the yeast infection in her throat and her mother and I are able to visit! Adelaine is much improved, but they will keep her here for several more days until her infection has cleared up significantly. Because they are unsure of what Peyton's fever is from, she is unable to leave our room and Adelaine can't visit in case it's something contagious. So, they can't play, but they wave at each other from the doorways. If we have to be here, having friends here is a nice way to relieve the boredom.

We also have our friend Carly here with a fever, and we've met a new friend Weston who was just diagnosed with a very rare form of ALL leukemia. His cancer is very hard to treat and please pray for Weston's family as they cope with the shock and overwhelming emotions of this news. Angela and I have both introduced ourselves to the family in an attempt to reach out to them, help them in any way we can.

With my being at the hospital at least through Wednesday, I am going to miss my friend Karen's funeral. I am so saddened by this, but she of all people would understand and my first priority is the safety of Peyton's health.

f.r.o.G….fully relying on God

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