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Future movie star

Today was a fun day for Peyton because she got to be filmed by one of the local news station, channel 10, and they're going to show a spot on her and some of the other sweet kids from our wing, including Adelaine, on Thanksgiving during their 6 pm broadcast. It's a little segment about what we're thankful for, how our child's illness changes our priorities. When he asked me what I'm thankful for, I told him "discharge papers"…we laughed but i don't think that was what they were looking for.

In all seriousness, when they asked the one thing I was most thankful for this year, I told him opportunities. Because for me that just says it all, the opportunities we have should never be wasted. We have chances to make sure that those we love know how much they mean to us, how can we waste those chances? We have the opportunities to reach out and make a difference in the world and to spread the love of God every day.

Peyton is doing better, her fevers are still up and down, but nothing too high and they don't seem too concerned about them. They resolve on their own, so we're not even on the tylenol. She's still getting the antibiotics and she got her chemo today that should have gotten yesterday. Her blood counts are down, so we'll probably get some sort of transfusion tomorrow. We're still waiting on culture results, but we should go home tomorrow.

f.r.o.G…..fully relying on God

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  1. #1 Kelly Diaz
    on Nov 22nd, 2006 at 1:18 pm


    Hey i just wanted to wish you and your family a happy thanksgiving!! I also wanted you to know how much i enjoy reading your website. You do such a wonderful job with it. It is so inspiring to read. You touch so many people. You know one of the things i loved most about Karen was no matter how much she was going threw you never would see it and you always saw the Lord threw her . Well you are just like our good friend Karen in that way. You are going threw one of the toughest things a parent could go threw and you are doing it with such Grace and people can truly see the Lord threw you too. I can truly say i have known 2 of the bravest and Godly women i am proud to say i have you as my friend!! God Bless you and i know you miss Karen and she is watching over you and Peyton and breathing that great HEAVENLY air!!!!! See you when we get back to school anything you need you call Love Kelly