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Guestpost: “Strangers” by Secret Agent Mama

This whole blogging thing was supposed to be all ego-centric ME ME ME and you know what?  I found that with each new person I met, each blog I became addicted to, each moment spent filling myself with the talents of others…the better ME I  became.  This is my friend Mishelle, who lives in ATL so I get to see a LOT more of her in the near future *cough* like next weekend or something *cough*. Gifted does not even begin to describe this lady…with her words, her camera, her love.

If this is your first time reading Mishelle, you can thank me later!


by: Mishelle Lane
a/k/a Secret Agent Mama

We are all strangers on this path called life.  We walk around with brown paper bags and we excuse ourselves, and sometimes we don’t.   We bump into each other and a bothered expression grows on.  We accidentally spill a drink and eyes get rolled.   We spend a few minutes talking to the cashier at the grocery store and hear sighs and huffs from those waiting in line behind us.


Oh, how dare we talk to each other?  Oh, how dare we bump into each other?  Oh, how dare we?

Through my camera’s lens I am able to see people in a different way.   I see them pull money out of their pockets to gladly pay for food.  I watch them as they laugh and interact.  I notice conversations and simple, heartfelt hugs.  I observe laughter and love.   I get that strangers are more than a bothersome encounter.  I wish that others would see.  I think we would be a lot better off if we did.


I mix daily with “strangers” and I love them, too.  I grow relationships with them and share my life with them.  Daily. These strangers are my people, people that would love to bump into.  People that I would love to stand in line behind at the grocery store.  People that I would love to help clean up a spilled drink (or maybe just spill some drinks into our mouths, in general.)  People that I would jump at the chance to talk with, over coffee, in my kitchen or back porch.

Online there is this mix of strangers that have given me some of the most fulfilling relationships of my life.  Sure there are some bad apples, but for the most part I have this smorgasbord of delectable fresh fruit in my bowl.    At any time I can reach in, grab one, enjoy, and feel alive.

We are all strangers on this path called life.  Let’s not make excuses.  Let’s be kind.  Let’s not roll our eyes.  Let’s spend time getting to know one another.  Let’s not be impatient. Let’s bump into each.  Let’s take a bite of the fruit of life.


Oh, we should talk to each other.  Oh, we should bump into each other.  Oh, we should only dare to.

3 Comments on “Guestpost: “Strangers” by Secret Agent Mama”

  1. #1 Amy@UWM
    on Jun 13th, 2009 at 10:14 am

    Lovely post. I had that same feeling last night when my 1-hour flight turned into 6 due to weather. Suddenly everyone on the flight were all in it together and the strangers seated next to me in my row were my peeps. But everyone should be our peeps.

    Amy@UWMs last blog post..A Slacker Mom on Vacation? No Problem, Mon

  2. #2 Ashley @ Mrs007.com
    on Jun 13th, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    Wonderfully written Mishi…it’s easy to get caught up in our own heads and not want to be bothered by talking to someone new. I know am guilty of alienating myself when I am in a funky mood but I also know the warm feeling of meeting someone great online or talking to a cashier about her grandchildren. We are all the same and we should dare to open ourselves up more.

  3. #3 rachel-asouthernfairytale
    on Jun 13th, 2009 at 4:24 pm

    I love, love, love Mishi!!!
    This was perfection!!