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What a day!

I have a great post to give about the day that Nathaniel and I spent at Busch Gardens and then our family night at group, but in all honesty, I’m so tired right now I’m not entirely sure how I’m upright to type at all.

I have tons of pictures and the kids were so much fun.

Here are some news clips from today”

Fox 13 News, which you’ll see Nathaniel and a surprise for us, Cody Bertoch was there getting interviewed as well. He’s right after Nathaniel giving his opinion of the new Jungala. After seeing the interview, Peyton didn’t say “There’s Cody!”…she said “There’s my boyfriend!”

The Busch Gardens website, there is a webcast of the opening announcement all about the attractions and animals….and if you’re patient enough to get to the very end, you can see Nathaniel, Scott, Devon and Lilly screaming “Jump into the Jungle!” at the very end.

There was apparently a good interview on one of the stations that I can’t find, but it should be one that will eventually go up on the CCC website, so when it does I’ll post it.

The Children’s Cancer Center is getting the newcasts related to Oprah’s Big Give that highlight some of the amazing things that they do up on their website. If you to the website and hit the video link, the second posted video starts about Demetri, one of our ambitious young friends and ends with a bit about the mom’s getting tattooed…guess who’s on there…grinning like an absolute fool.

That’s as good a post as it’s going to get tonight, I am absolutely beat!


2 Comments on “What a day!”

  1. #1 Julie Vercouteren
    on Apr 4th, 2008 at 7:58 am


    Wow- those were some great video clips. And Jungala does look "awesome" in the words of Nathaniel. Makes me want to get on an airplane and take the kids there myself!

    I think it's wonderful that the CCC is being supported by Oprah, Chili's and others. What a support system for the entire family. Every city needs a CCC!!!

    I hope everything comes together so you can go and enjoy your family time with Pete. I pray for safe travels, good health and loads and loads of precious memories.

    Take care!!!


  2. #2 Patti
    on Apr 4th, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    Okay – you have no reason to worry about grinning like an absolute fool. You looked wonderful! And just to make you feel a little better, watch the video again. Towards the end when they show the footage of Demetri at the table and people are eating, my brother is on the very right of the screen shoveling food in his face. (He has the red visor on). Didn't know if you had seen that or not. I knew Mat was there, so I was really looking for him. Plus he's my brother, I know what he looks like, even in the corner of the screen. 🙂
    Hope that made your day! =)