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The return of Tuesday

The glee I felt when we drove up the school this morning was so overwhelming that I had to curb the urge to just boot the kids out the door and peel out of the driveway! But as glad as I was to see us getting back into our normal schedule, I was a little sad that our fun free time was over. That’ll wear off quickly.

Peyton and I headed for our first Little Tales of the new year, it was FANTASTIC to be back with our CCC crew. Peyton was in her glory today! She asked to watch Hairspray and they didn’t have it at the center, so one of the staff ran out to Walgreens and bought it….ok, can we say spoiled brat?? Yes, they ran out to purchase the movie she wanted to watch. But it was apparently totally worth the money because she sang and danced and recited movie lines for the whole gang. This child can sing every song, she knows every move, she’s a Hairspray fanatic!

I got a chance to chat and laugh and just enjoy my time with the other moms. I’ve missed that. I’m going to miss it a lot. A LOT!!!

After Little Tales we were chauffeured by Kay and Dana Bertoch to St. Pete where we participated in an interview with CW44 Station. We talked about pediatric cancer, the upcoming Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s Breakfast of Hope and what shape our lives have taken since cancer touched us. I will freely admit that I got a little crazy with the talking again, too much to say, so much to get across and just blabbing nonstop. It didn’t help that I had Peyton on my lap doing her best impression of a mime….all nutty faces, hand gestures, and animated antics. But I think most of what I wanted to say was said, and I hope it does the job it’s meant to. It’ll show on Saturday morning!

Tomorrow is a big day in our house!

Peyton starts preschool.

She gets to put on her big girl backpack, carry in her lunch – which is an interesting dilemma because she’s convinced that I’m going to show up with scrambled eggs and hot dogs and green beans for lunch…she is sadly mistaken – and go off to school like big brother and sister. I’m so proud of her, this is a huge milestone for her…and for me in some ways….I’m not only letting my baby go to school, but after having her attached to my side for the past year and a half, I’m going to be alone.

Do you hear that?? That sound in the background? That’s me tapdancing!! Whooo hoooo!

I’m excited for my new freedom, but I know that my mind is going to be completely obsessed with her and how she’s coping and if she’s being nice and if she’s scared of the new situation. I know that she’s ready and she’s not going to have any problems adjusting, but I still worry, even through my excitement.

Pray for the littlest princess as she heads into new and uncharted territory, long may she rule the preschool!!

She has a clinic appointment for counts in the afternoon, she’s looking a little pale to me (paranoia rears its ugly head again), but I’m sure she’s fine.

Many prayers for Mathew Gliddon, tomorrow is also a big day for him. He’ll be having a bone marrow aspiration to see if he’s reached a state of remission yet. It’s so desperately important that he has, he is unable to move into the next phase of treatment for the bone marrow transplant until he’s in remission. He is having such ugly side effects from this last round of chemo, yet he remains strong, is trying to eat and is doing what these kids do so bravely, he fights.

Please pray for Nikki Hawkins, she has scans today and we are asking God for good clean results!

Matt Ermish underwent a horrendously long surgery yesterday at Sloan-Kettering to remove Neuroblastoma tumors all over his body. Today he is in pain but recovering and there will be a second surgery soon to remove tumors on his spine. Keep this tremendous young man in prayers.

So many need our prayers and I encourage you to take the time to go to God in thanks for his amazing goodness, remembering that his is the only plan.

Benefit Dinner and Concert

Honoring Mathew Gliddon & Family

Mathew is a 5 year old Leukemia patient. Karen (his Mom) is an instructor for Music with Mar. , she has been the instructor at FreshStart on Fridays for the last year. All proceeds of this evening will go to his family to help with medical expenses. Karen and her husband Mat also have a 2 year old son Andrew. Each week here at FreshStart Karen has brought many smiles to the faces of the lives she touches, both toddlers and Moms.

Where: FreshStart Church
13810 Wright Circle, Tampa

When: Friday, January 18th 6:00 pm

Dinner and a concert featuring Music with Mar. and a silent auction.

Why: To honor Mathew and his family

Contact Charlene@freshstartchurch.com or 727-376-1114 if you have any questions.

8.00/person or 23.00 /family for dinner/concert

4.50/person or 15.00/family for concert only @ 7:15 pm

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

ps….if you can’t make it to the benefit, but would like to donate to the family or have items that you would like to offer up for the auction, please let me know!!

4 Comments on “The return of Tuesday”

  1. #1 karalyn
    on Jan 8th, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    I hope you have a great first day of school Peyton!

  2. #2 Angela
    on Jan 9th, 2008 at 7:52 am

    I hope Peyton's first day at "school" will be great.
    Go home, think about the kids, smile, drink a cup of coffee, and then dance for joy. Spoil yourself today. Tomorrow, ….clean out a closet. lol

  3. #3 Ami Czorapinski
    on Jan 9th, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    What a big girl you are now Peyton! Hope you love your new school. And Mommy, enjoy your new found freedom!

  4. #4 Jennifer
    on Jan 9th, 2008 at 3:29 pm

    What kind of items are being collected for Mathew's silent auction? I may be able to donate some Gold Canyon Candles but I don't know if that's what they are looking for. Let me know!

    Can't wait to hear about Peyton's big day!