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Thank you, Sharon, for all your hard work!

Sharon is Pete’s mom, and I can’t possibly talk about today without giving her a big shout out for her contribution.

Today is Peter’s 36th birthday. I’ve really only known his 11 years of those 36 so I can’t vouch for his complete character, but what I do know is awesome. Yes, he’s prone to leaving his clothes all over the house and he does have a tendency to get REALLY involved in a video game…but those quirks aside, he is the most wonderful husband and one of those fun, loving, cuddly dads that you wished for when you dreamed of the man who would father your kids. He sacrifices most of his side of the bed so that Peyton can sleep comfortably spread eagle in the bed….he’s learned to make a fantastic pot of coffee…there’s nothing that he can’t do or isn’t willing to learn. He says the sexiest things too, such a smooth talker….”I just finished playing raquetball”…”I’m doing dishes”….”I have a load of laundry in”….this is a man who knows how to work a woman! I’m so proud of Pete for making the choice to go to ATL because it wasn’t easy, and as hard as everyone thinks I have it as the single mom, he’s alone without a family to go home to every night and he’s doing his best to prepare our life up there.

Happy birthday to Pete!

I spent most of yesterday morning contemplating the choice of spending a fortune to get the truck repairs done or just buy a new vehicle. I had to go to a car dealership. I hate doing that, and I’ve never had to do it alone. Without my dad or Pete with me I felt like I had giant “ATTACK here!” sign plastered to my forehead. Although I test drove a few really nice vehicles and got a little high from all the new car smell, we chose to just repair the vehicle we’ve got. Much like Joan Rivers it’s now had so much work done that it’s not the same vehicle we bought. But with an impending move, a house to be purchased sometime soon, we decided that the truck could make it a while longer. But now all the weird noises, bumps, shakes, shimmies and pings will be fixed. The only thing it won’t do is make waffles or give you that clean fresh feeling. The kids are disappointed that we are not getting a new vehicle and Peyton’s really upset that we’ve giving back the rental van.

Tonight is mom’s night out for the cancer gang. It’s going to be fun to get out with them and let loose and just relax. This is a great group of ladies and we do have a rockin’ good time together. Nathaniel and Rachael are both spending the night with a friend, Peyton’s spending the night with Grandma and I am spending the night in my own bed without anyone rolling over onto me!!

I was referring to Peyton on that one.

Peyton is doing a little better than last month. She’s achy and whiny, but she doesn’t look as rough. Her color is less than great, but if last month is anything to go by she’ll rebound by the middle of next week. We’ve already gone through an 18-count carton of eggs, 3 boxes of strawberries and a quart of Cracker Barrel green beens. Good times!


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  1. #1 Jennifer Rivera
    on Feb 24th, 2008 at 11:36 am

    Happy Birthday Pete!

    From The Rivera Clan