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TGIF? That guy doesn't have MY Fridays

This morning was beyond hard, so far beyond sad it isn’t even worth saying anymore. Kaylie’s service was brief and touching, the grief of her family piercing and that tiny white casket a tragedy. At her side was a sea of beautiful flower arrangements, tributes to the love so many felt for her.

Some of the families from the Center and Sharin, one of the staff, chose to go out for some decompression time after the service. It was exactly what I needed. We talked, we laughed and it was a beautiful way to end a tragic morning, loving friends and knowing that we share a bond beyond words.

Please pray for some dear friends:

Brooke Martin had a bone marrow aspiration on Tuesday and the preliminary results show that there is 4% Leukemia blasts (cancer cells) in her marrow. There will be more tests and we pray that they show it is NOT a relapse. She just finished her treatment days ago, please pray that it stays that way.

Joshua Czorapinski (name: JoshuaCzorapinski) was just diagnosed with a testicular relapse of his Leukemia. His spinal fluid and marrow were free of Leukemia. He had also just finished up treatment last month and he needs our prayers around him for a full remission and healing.

Jimmy Reichert is still preparing for bone marrow transplant and his body is taking a real beating from the high dose chemo and full body radiation treatment. Please lift his whole family, mom Christy and sisters Ashley and Lindsay, in prayer as they all cope with the demands of his treatment.

Justen Jones needs a successful treatment plan for the tumor cells in his spinal fluid and the tumor on his brain. His family need many answers, please pray for clarity and confidence in the options available.

–Connor Hernandez is fighting so many issues, relapsed Leukemia, infections, a failing bladder, Aspergillis.

–All the families coping with grief, loss and emptiness, finding the way to continue life without their child.

–Each precious child fighting with all they have for all they hope to be.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

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