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Sunday Bloody Sunday <–only Cure fans will get that

Rachael is a rock star! She had a tremendous afternoon at the Iron Chef Tampa Style fundraiser to benefit All Children’s Hospital. There was a group of over 500 people there to eat, donate and help fund the new hospital. Rachael’s painting was front and center with 3 others done by kids from our clinic. I’m not entirely sure if our clinic was the only one that participated or if we just got really lucky, but all 4 live auction paintings were done by children from the Tampa clinic. There were about 20 children’s paintings in a silent action, we saw beautiful artwork by a couple of our friends, Nikki Hawkins and Allie Blain.

The room was huge, set up with restaurant stations lining the walls….I think 20-ish restaurants. Each setup had to use lemon in their food items, so we had lemon fish, lemon chicken, lemon shrimp, lemon fritters, lemon steak, lemon desserts out the whahooo…..I loved it, Rachael wandered around with a lost look on her face trying to figure out where the Chik-Fil-A station was. It was all pretty high brow food and all she ate was desserts, poor thing.

But during the food fest they had all the kids come up with their families. It was us, Zack Rozmeski and his parents Rob and Tina and Sesly Evers and her parents Kat and Brad. Kyleen Slater, who used to be our child life specialist at the clinic but is now an employee of the CCC, introduced the kids and told a little bio on each one. Zack is a maniac and I am just better and happier whenever I am around him. He’s such a dynamic boy, I wish we could all get a little dose of Zack with our morning coffee because it would make the day so much better. When Kyleen asked him if he wanted to say anything to the crowd he just raised his painting up and shouted, “I want to share my art!” Rachael had dictated a speech that she was going to give. Her painting was entitled “How my sister’s cancer makes me feel” and her speech was just priceless. I almost bawled like a baby listening to her talk about how she is sad because Peyton has to go to clinic and how she prays for all the sick kids. She’s such a lovey, no one would know that this is the child that holds stuff juuuuust far enough away from Peyton’s hands as to induce a seizure…just for kicks and giggles.

When they got down to bidding I was absolutely flabbergasted to watch Rachael’s painting sell for 800$!!! Holy cow! Why is this kid not working? I think perhaps she should get a job, rake in some cash. She felt so good and many people took the time to tell her what a good job she did, how pretty her painting, what a great speech she gave. I could just see her glowing with pride. It was just what she needed.

You might notice the picture is slightly off the colors I had said it was…give me a break, I got a lot going on.

This is the awesome guy who bid on and won Rachael’s painting. He was so tremendously kind and asked to have Rachael’s speech as well. I don’t know what he’s gong to do with it, but his family was very touched by Rachael’s words.

Peter had to leave to head back to Alabama directly from the fundraiser. Goodbyes were said in the lobby and Rachael was so high from her big day that she didn’t even cry. It was sad to see him leave again, but we had a pretty good week together and it was just AWESOME to have him in the house with us.

Peyton….well….let’s just say that she finally stopped crying at around 10 PM and she actually smiled at me around 11. Her face is swollen from crying, her eyes look like she’s taken a gang beating. She did go to sleep at around 12:30. She cried and screamed for the better part of ALL EVENING long, her stomach hurt, her butt hurt from the constipation/diarrhea issues and just an overall I-feel-like-crap feeling. She never got a fever, so that’s a plus.

I had a friend stop by and pick up the kids for school this morning so that Peyton could stay asleep. She needs the rest more than they need me to get them to school tardy. They were so sweet this morning, wanting to go in and kiss her before they left. To which my response was “Set foot in that room and I’ll take your head off with a backback”. They made the wise choice to kiss her when they get home from school. Life is all about making good decisions.

I really just don’t know what’s wrong with her. I’m laying in bed with her last night…her face resembles the kid from the movie “Mask” because it’s so swollen and red, her voice sounds like James Earl Jones because she’s so hoarse from crying and wailing…and we’re just talking, the first time she’s really talked to me in a couple of days. She told me “When I wake up, my legs hurt, that’s why I get in bed with you”. I don’t believe that’s the reason she crawls in bed with me, I think she does it because she’s hoping to break me down with a lack of sleep and then she can rule the world. But it broke my heart that this pain and discomfort is such a part of her normal routine that it doesn’t even bother her anymore.

She’s sleeping soundly now. I’m heading back to bed because I after she went to sleep I tried to snooze as well but spent the night waking up just in case her body temp chose to teeter into feverish. There is something so wrong with me. Which it didn’t, of course, and now I am sleep-deprived AND slightly deaf from the screaming. If she wakes up feeling much improved we’ll hold off on calling the clinic and just go in on Tuesday for our appointment, if she wakes up the same as she has been lately I’ll call in the National Guard and alert FEMA.

Pray for door #1!

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

5 Comments on “Sunday Bloody Sunday <–only Cure fans will get that”

  1. #1 Angela
    on Apr 28th, 2008 at 8:29 am

    Anissa and Peyton,
    I hope the nap helped you get enough rest you are able to make it through today. Peyton honey, Aunt Angela is sad for you to be hurting so much, go ahead and cry when you need to it is okay to let your family know you are having a bad day. Hopefully you will get over your cold and your mouth and tummy hurts will go away soon.

    Way to go girl. Your painting was wonderful. Only a handful of kids in the whole USA can say they made $800 for their painting in the 1st grade. You are an awsome fundraiser like your mom. I am sorry you get sad when mommy and Peyton have to be away from you and Nathaniel sometime whan Peyton gets extra sick. I am so glad you are able to tell people your feelings and paint how you feel. I know you must be a great helper to your mom. I am proud of you.

    Hang in there, your cousins are counting the days too. Only 9 more school days left for the year for us! You'll be out too before you know it. Try to pay attention to your teacher and get your homework in on time, those teachers still grade your work up till the last minute thanks to the computer programs they have now days. Do your best and make your dad and mom proud of you.

    I hope your trip back was uneventful. I bet you drove through rain all the way. Take care of yourself this week and try not to work 24/7.


  2. #2 basi
    on Apr 28th, 2008 at 8:56 am

    Hi Anissa,
    My heart is breaking over hearing of Peyton's issues lately, the pain and other side effects. I'm praying that you both get enough rest and that this passes soon. Please give that girl a big HUG from me and Kate.

    I loved Rachel's painiting. She really captured how it feels to have someone you love go through cancer; a giant cloud that takes a long time to pass over your head. Still our kids are like that little flower, brave, beautiful and always in bloom. Our kids with cancer and their awesome sibblings amaze us everyday with their ability to be kids no matter what. Congrats to Rachel!

    I just love your whole family and I'm sending up prayers for us to get through today. And I'll do the same tomorrow.
    -Dear God, we need you right now. Let us be still for a moment, so that we could feel your love wrap around us. Bring healing and strength to Peyton's little body. We ask in Christ's name. Amen

    "But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed, perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted but not abondoned, struck down, but not destroyed… " 2 Corinthians 4


    p.s. I love that story about the underwear almost falling off while in church. God does have a sense of humor!!

  3. #3 Shelley Philibin
    on Apr 28th, 2008 at 10:19 am

    Maybe Rachael is the next Picasso?! He's not the one that cut off his ear is he?? Rachaels ears are much too cute for that 🙂 The wonderful guy who donated so much to buy her painting should hang it very proudly in his home! I'm praying for Peyton to feel better soon and for strength for you to watch over her without too much sleep deprevation 🙂


  4. #4 Lori
    on Apr 28th, 2008 at 10:12 pm

    Hi Rachael,
    Your painting is beautiful and I am sure your parents are very proud of you for all the hard work you did on it and on your speech. That man was a very nice man to buy it, wasn't he. I'm sure God will bless him.
    Keep drawing and painting, Rachael. I have been writing poems since I was a little girl and they helped me to get my feelings out–especially if I was scared or sad. But I wrote some happy ones too and I know you will do that. Especially when Peyton feels better! God Bless you and your family. From, Lori

  5. #5 Peacy Combson
    on Aug 2nd, 2008 at 10:58 am

    Great photos and paintings ….