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Straw vs. Camel’s back Part II

Really, I had thought that the end of yesterday’s post would be the end of the trauma.

Life loves to prove me wrong!

After Kim showed up with bags full of Red Lobster goodness I got Peyton all smiley with the song and dance Broadway versions of “Guess what’s for dinner!!!!!!!”

I open the bag, and can you just take one stab in the dark whose dinner is the one meal they forgot to include? Now, God looked out for me because there was a small side amount of fettuccini with my dinner that I was able to quickly pass off as Peyton’s dinner and she never knew the difference, on top of which, her stomach was completely out of whack and she only ate about 8 bites anyway. But it was the point.

I did have the joy and pleasure of calling Red Lobster and letting them know how unsatisfied I was with the service I’d received! I mean, I knew there was a chance that I was in for trouble because the young man who took my order got my PHONE NUMBER wrong twice and had to be corrected several times throughout the order placing process. I made him re-read me the complete order THREE times before I’d ok that he had it!! But somewhere between his pad of paper and that computer monitor he brain-farted and he picked the wrong mama to food-shortage.

I called back to the restaurant. There was a pause just after he asked if he could help me, as I took a deep, angry and tirade-preparing breath, in which his whole demeanor changed. I think he could actually hear the ANGRY in the way the air vibrated in my lungs and he was happy to get his manager for me. I told the manager every rich vivid detail of my disappointment in them as a restaurant, in them as a company and personally in his employee as a human being. I was just awful. I explain how there was no mistaking my order, I had gone online, I had prepared every aspect of my order so that I could give it with all sides and extras and even then the order-taker could not get it right. I told him that when you order to-go it because you obviously have an issue that keeps you from being physically at the restaurant and if I had the time to go back and get my missing food, we’d have been eating there in the first place! I told him about Peyton’s terrible day, about her desire only for Red Lobster and how THEY LET HER DOWN!

Yes, how is that for a guilt trip?

When I get my truck returned I get to go back and pick up a nice gift certificate to make up for my inconvenience and probably in hopes that I will find a different Red Lobster to visit.

I would love to tell you that was it.

There was an insurance envelope telling me that we’d been denied coverage with Peter’s new company until December. They can’t do it, we covered all that before we took the job. BUT that did not stop my brain from curdling just a little bit around the edges.

Then there was a whole movie issues I’m not even going to begin to get into to. Just let me tell you right now, don’t rent foreign French films….they are not cool, they are not in some way more culturally interesting….they are just disturbing.

But I got a slew of phone calls, emails and comments last night that soothed my soul, I know a lot of prayers must have been said to help ease me off the ledge because when I hit the pillow last night and looked over at the two girls arm wrestling for pillow space I was just filled with peace and love and smiled. Then promptly passed out and left the day behind.

Today I hit the floor running. Peyton is home as she is really sore and stiff this morning, she isn’t normally so I’m hoping it’ll wear off as she gets loosened up and moves around. She is sort of grumpy and tired and I want to make sure she eats well today…she started her steroids last night, so it really shouldn’t be an issue soon.

Thank you, God, for holding me together when all my pieces feel about to come unglued. Thank you to all the awesome friends who were my angels last night to calm me down and bring me some clarity.


3 Comments on “Straw vs. Camel’s back Part II”

  1. #1 Angela Garcia
    on Mar 19th, 2008 at 9:53 am

    I look forward EVERY day of reading this blog!!! Your family and your stories make me laugh, make me cry and thanks for sharing part of your guts!!! I like it that you make it easy to KNOW what to pray!!!!!! 🙂 Blessings!!!!!

  2. #2 Marie
    on Mar 19th, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    It's funny how when everything seems to be going wrong, every small thing that happens feels like someone up there is just trying to push you over the edge! But hey, you got a gift certificate so all is not lost!! And lots of bad publicity for Red Lobster too!! :TONGUE

  3. #3 basi
    on Mar 19th, 2008 at 7:37 pm

    Hi Anissa,
    I'm caught up now on your frustrating days. You had me lauhging there at the end with Super T-Girl. But I know what you mean about worrying about relapse, especially when you're seeing children relapse. It's scary and it's a totally normal fear that we're learning to deal with.

    I'm sending my prayers your way, too. Hoping that your week starts to improve.

    Take care, love, basi