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Some good news!

First, some things I forgot to mention….Peyton’s fever broke early in the morning, so she has been without a fever all day. That’s GREAT! She has a hemorrhoid….really? Do we need to add on these little insults to injury? But with all the constipation and hard core pushing she’s had to do, she got a booty injury. Next she’ll get a hangnail and a cavity and just make the trip here complete.

For results on the bone marrow test, they take a bit of the marrow, put it on a slide and then they give it a quick look. They send it off to the lab for more intense scrutiny, and come back with a definite answer. The answer on the initial slide look is that there are no blasts in her marrow…that means no obvious signs of cancer returning! That is FANTASTIC and a huge relief. The complete celebrating will start when we get the full lab report tomorrow telling us that it definitely not a relapse. And I am so much more confident that we WILL get that report with THAT answer.

Her mouth is continuing to get better. Not by leaps and bounds but little by little. She ate some more pancakes for dinner, not much, but enough to satisfy the doctors and she even indulged in a little bit of banana. It’s great that she’s making the effort to eat now, even when she cries as she chews. Since the pain is manageable, she is starting to try to do some things…she’s colored in some books our friend Amy brought and she’s intent on using a little lap desk we got from Kyleen and Shannon from the Center. She gets little spurts of energy but quickly tires and loses interest. Mostly she just wants to lay down and watch movies. Lots of Dora, but her favorite Barbi movie is too scratched up to watch. You’d have thought THAT was the worst part of her day!

The morphine pump is a miracle of science. It has allowed her to get rest and to just be comfortable and that’s the biggest thing right now. I’m not sure how long we’ll be here. We just got back from her chest x-ray to give us the pneumonia answer. Tomorrow after all the bone marrow issues are taken care of, I can sit down with the doctor and concentrate on what the game plan is for attacking this virus, finding out what sort of timeframe we have for treating this and a thousand other questions rolling around in my head.

I so want to thank everyone for continued support, prayers and love. It’s awesome to hear from everyone, to know that so many are lifting our family and our sweet girl in prayers. Also, thank you for your response to the not-so-supportive comment. It did make me feel bad that I had perhaps posted too much and it was upsetting, but I stick by the knowledge that this is about Peyton and this is the burden she has to bear, in all its ugliness. But I sure appreciate all the assurance that it wasn’t wrong to post them, painful to look at for sure, but just an honest view into some of the things my child has to go through.

I am already joyous in the first set of answers regarding her bone marrow! This is a great sign that tomorrow we’ll get more good news!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who left messages, sent emails, called and shared some love with us today. A BIG thanks to Kay for all your help and making the day better, Shannon H-O and Kyleen for bringing goodies that made Peyton TRY to smile, Holly and Toby for taking the time to stop by and cheer us up, MaryAnn and Wendy for letting Nathaniel and Rachael stay with friends that they know love them. Tina, you rock for sending the pizza! I give huge thanks to God for providing us such an awesome support group to get us through each day.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

14 Comments on “Some good news!”

  1. #1 Lori Smart
    on Apr 30th, 2008 at 9:17 pm

    I am glad I checked one last time before going to bed – what GREAT news on the preliminary test results! I know you will be able to sleep a bit better tonight! I, too, have to say not to worry about the negative comment. This is Peyton's life and her (your) website, and you can post what you want on it. We are just visitors, after all!

  2. #2 Jennifer Rivera
    on Apr 30th, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    I'm so relieved that things are looking good. I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow when the definite good news comes in (and I have faith that it will). Thanks for the update.



  3. #3 Karalyn
    on Apr 30th, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    The best news ever!!!!

  4. #4 Stephanie
    on Apr 30th, 2008 at 9:25 pm


  5. #5 LJ
    on Apr 30th, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    I'll pray that the good news continues tomorrow!

    When I saw the pictures my thoughts were only of Peyton and her agony, not of my own delicate feelings. And I'm having a sympathy bun-ache for her tonight.

    Here's hoping you both get a very good night's sleep, and have wonderful news in the morning.

  6. #6 Penny Hawkins
    on Apr 30th, 2008 at 10:24 pm

    WHEW – love the good news…. Just what we need to head off to the wonders of DOWN UNDER. Keep getting better – and lets all get together at some point. Prayers for Peyton!

  7. #7 Alayna
    on Apr 30th, 2008 at 10:27 pm

    Oh my goodness! I was catching up on your posts, starting with Rachael's art show, and I have just cried reading through them all. First of all, Praise God on the good results, and many prayers for even better ones tomorrow. Oh, and those pictures of poor Peyton's lips just broke my heart. I can not even imagine having to watch your child go through all that pain. Bless all of you. I'm glad you posted the pcitures – it really did help us to know what it was like – good grief, if you're offended by looking at them, can you imagine having to live with them? To me the purpose of these sites, besides keeping friends and family informed, is for us, in some small way, to help shoulder your burden. When I live so far away, that is mostly by praying, but please believe I do it daily. And it is my privelege and honor to do so.

    It breaks my heart that her hair is falling out again. It breaks my heart for her, because she is absolutely adorable, hair or not.

    I know all this stuff is awful, but I know for you the fear of relapse is the worst. I pray that tomorrow it will be ruled out and will go way back to a tiny dark corner of your mind (I know it never fully leaves) and not be front and center anymore. But I'm also praying for Peyton to be able to poop and for her mouth sores to go away and just for her to get to be her little fun, mischievious self again. And for you to be able to get through this, and for Peter to being away from you all, and for Nathaniel & Rachael too. God has got you all in His hands, and I pray you really feel it tomorrow like a giant, warm hug that never lets you go!


  8. #8 misty
    on Apr 30th, 2008 at 10:32 pm

    YAY!! I have been watching the site all day. Thank you so much for the update. I am so happy things seem to be going in the right direction at this time!! I can only imagine the fear/worry in your heart and on your mind, and what a relief those prelim. results are for you!! God bless you and your family!!!

  9. #9 joanne
    on May 1st, 2008 at 6:51 am

    WEll, thank you for that news! Hemorrhoid and all. Praying for GREAT news to continue today and for Peyton's butt to feel better…and of course those mouth sores…If you are still in on Saturday, Sam and I will be up to see you…maybe even tomorrow (depending on my lovely job) since the kiddies are off anyway (that is the dumbest day off ever). xoxoxo

  10. #10 basi
    on May 1st, 2008 at 7:47 am

    Thank you, Lord! So relieved at the initial pathology report and continuing to pray for Peyton to heal 100%. Big hug for all of you.
    Last night I kept waking up and thinking of you guys at the hospital and sending prayers. Thanks for keeping us posted.

    love, basi

  11. #11 Angela
    on May 1st, 2008 at 7:48 am

    The person who wrote you and criticized you for the picture should be banned from your site. This site is a look into the personal life of your family. We are the ones privileged to be able to view it. If someone does not like what they see, they should never visit again. Although Peyton's mouth sores look horrible, it was the pain I saw in her eyes that made me cry. As your sister who lives hundreds of miles away and only understands cancer from your knowledge, this site is vital to keeping us informed of your daily ups and downs. I would love to be able to spend phone time with you every day, but we both know that won't happen with our families needs. This site is wonderful. I have not been checking your visitor totals for a while, wow over 7,000 yesterday. I know I asked my church to have special pray for Peyton last night. I hope many others did the same.
    I talked to mom last night and she told me the update and of course I read it this morning. So happy to hear even a hint of good news. Praying she will keep healing and for strength for her and the rest of the family.
    Pete, I know you must be torn over what to do. I hurt for you because you are so far away providing for your family. Hugs to you too.
    Anticipating more good news today, even if it is just holding her own throughout the day. Try to get some rest when you can Anissa. We all love you from Greenville.
    Angela and family

  12. #12 LeeAnne
    on May 1st, 2008 at 8:42 am

    Great news! We will be anxious for the final word on the bone marrow. Then all that stress and anxiety can be put to rest once agin. Peyton's a trooper and Anissa, you are one heck of a mom. One to surely be admired and inspired by. And now having to do this alone, since Pete is not nearby. Continued prayers for all of you, but especially Peyton for speedy healing so she can get out of there and back home and back to being a kid.

  13. #13 Julie Vercouteren
    on May 1st, 2008 at 9:34 am



    I LOVE hearing good news. I'm thanking the Lord with you for that wonderful news and trusting that you will hear a confirmation that Peyton is just battling a vicious virus right now. I'm also so thankful that her little body is getting some much needed rest during this time. Praise God for all the wonderful support of your family and friends- especially when Pete is so many miles away. It's just another way the Lord takes care of us- by using the hands and feet of our family and friends.

    I look so forward to hearing even more good news today. Take care and get some rest yourself.



  14. #14 Lisa
    on May 1st, 2008 at 10:13 am

    There is nothing wrong with posting pictures of her lips, or if you posted pictures of her getting a BMA, this is the reality of childhood cancer. Some people feel that they get it they see the bald heads, they must understand the reality of childhood cancer. Whoever was offended or thought it was in bad taste does not get it. This is a blog about an amazing little girl with cancer, cancer is an ugly thing, and those pictures show it. Seeing those pictures of Peyton didn't make me think gosh what is wrong with this mother this is in such bad taste, instead it make me want to fight even harder for a cure so that children like Peyton don't have to deal with things like this. I work with kids with cancer and have had opportunities to do relay for life with certain families I have met along the way. One mom chose to put all the pictures of her son in ICU and with mouth sores and just devastating pictures up in his relay booth with a sign that said this is what childhood cancer looks like. That is the reality of childhood cancer and the only feeling it should illicit is the one that makes you want to fight for a cure. That person needs a huge reality check, I think you are doing what any mom would do, showing a true example of what childhood cancer is, because Peyton's battle is a tough one. Thank God she has a mom like you.