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So you can live our crazy life too!

While waiting for Pete to show up on Friday night, Nathaniel headed to a sleepover at a friend’s house and the girls and I had a Ladies Night Out! We went to the mall, we shopped at all the stores that would normally be bypassed as Nathaniel tends to break out in hives if we walk too close to Victoria’s Secret and Claire’s, and we just giggled and were silly all night long. Unfortunately, our good times were not matched by the Florida weather, so when it was time to head home we were greeted by a torrential downpour with ripping wind and lightning. I had the girls stay under cover with a security guard so that I could run out and get the truck without them getting soaked. I’m not sure why I ran, it’s not as if I was any drier for running than if I’d gotten down and rolled all the way there. So, completely water-logged I get the truck and pull it up as close to the overhang as possible, I have my gigantic umbrella – that would have come in most handy on the way TO the truck, but oh well – and I get both of the girls in the truck with minimal rain damage.

So there I am, doing my parental duty of being the one to get drenched so my kids can stay as dry as possible, but I’m doing my fair share of sputtering and griping about being near drowned in the process.

Peyton says to me, “What’s wrong, Mommy? That wasn’t so bad, I’m hardly wet at all!”

That’s when I stopped the truck and strapped her onto the luggage rack with a bungee cord.

Pete got home around midnight, the girls were thrilled to wake up to Daddy being home. We had a busy day that included heading to Riverview High School to be a part of their Relay for Life. We didn’t have a team, but our neighbor Greg is a Hillsborough Sheriff and they were out there with a team and we went to support them. It was just as emotional as it was last year to walk onto that track holding Peyton’s little hand. She’s got hair this year, she’s taller and feeling better than last year, but she was still the youngest survivor by far and she was the only little one there representing the children who are also stricken with cancer.

It’s frustrating in a way because it’s such a phenomenal event and people get behind it in such a monumental way and yet the pediatric cancers get such a tiny portion of their research funds. We will continue to attend and support Relay because any research is better than none, but we also firmly stand behind groups like Pediatric Cancer Foundation because of their dedication to funding research against childhood cancers. I am confident that with the families getting active, raising awareness and being advocates we can make same impact as the Susan G Khomen or Lance Armstrong Foundation.

There are a huge number of events coming up that might spark your interest, if anyone can make it, I really encourage you to try to come!

1. Tuesday the 11th – The Fashion Funds the Cure show benefiting the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. As you know, Peyton will be there in full glory and there are still tickets available. There will be food, music, auction items and a private chance to shop at Sak’s with 10% going to the PCF.

2. Saturday the 15th – Our friend [url=http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/allieblain]Allie Blain and her family [/url]are starting up their own non-profit foundation to aid families dealing with critical illnesses, called Clouds of Hope. They are having a pancake breakfast from 9-11 at the Beef O’Brady’s in Valrico to benefit their new foundation.

3. Also, Saturday the 15th – O’Toole’s Irish Restaurant and Pub is holding a St. Baldrick’s event in Brandon. As I’m sure you remember me mentioning, people are committing to shaving their heads in name of funding research for kids with cancer. Peyton is the honored child at this particular event and we will most definitely be there to support anyone interested in coming and getting shaved! If you don’t want to get shaved, at least come and enjoy the show with us. We have a wonderful friend Brian McPike and a bunch of his Hillsborough Sherrif buddies getting shaved and our neighbor Greg is almost on board as well. If you’d like to be a part of this day and to support the cause, you can pledge to sponsor Brian! It’s going to be a LOT of fun and we can’t wait to be part of this event.

4. Friday the 21st – The Children’s Cancer Center will be receiving donations at the door of the Wine and Cigar event at the Tampa Convention Center.

….or feel free to just write great big juicy checks!


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  1. #1 Jennifer Rivera
    on Mar 9th, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    LOL!!! Sometimes don't you just wish (even for a second) that it was legal to do something like strap your kid to the luggage rack! Although mine would probably LOVE it! Sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it!