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Mac Still Baroque

Ok, so I believe Anissa's mac is still in the shop. I spoke to her earlier in the day while she was at the mall getting the mac fixed, and it wasn't going well. They have a mac store in our mall. It's a very happy place for geeks like us. She grabbed a device to allow her to back up her computer so things like this wouldn't be so catastrophic. I told her she could go a little crazy for mother's day. How's that for romance? She got a usb backup and some video editing software. For our anniversary…our 10th anniversary no less…she got a vaccuum. Feel the love?!? Yeah, we're so practical it's sickening. For Christmas this year, I may just have to surprise her with a frying pan or something.

That's just how we roll.

So, tonight, I'm on the phone with the kiddos as they're on the way home from the CCC. Rachael was the first to call. She always is. I think she's figured out which button calls dad the quickest. Nathaniel was next. Both kids were happy, and having a good time. Then Peyton gets on the phone. It's FINALLY the good ole crazy Peyton. She was giggly, cheery, smart and silly.

Nothing monumental was said in the conversation. I didn't even get a chance to talk to Anissa. The key thing was that all 3 kids were upbeat and having a good time, and that puts my mind at ease. I haven't heard that in about 11 days. The doctors need to take blood to see how things are going. I just need to hear my family in action.

Ah yes, the numbers you've all been waiting for…Thanks Lisa B for reminding me….drum roll please….ANC 300 (she can once again fight her way out of a paper bag!). Hemoglobin 9.2 and platelets jumped to 72000! So her ANC is still a concern, but she's obviously on her way up!

Kicking leukemia's hiney…one cell at a time.


P.S. An issue popped up at work, yet again, so I don't know exactly if I'll be able to make it down tomorrow as planned. Please pray for an easy resolution on this one so I can sneak down and spend 24 hours as a normal family!

3 Comments on “Mac Still Baroque”

  1. #1 Lori
    on May 9th, 2008 at 10:34 am

    What a pair–TWO with a warped sense of humor! :WINK You guys crack me up (which I guess says something about my humor too lol)
    Anyway…..YAYYYYY PEYTON–so glad to hear your counts are going UPPP!!! I will pray that you continue to feel better with each passing day.
    Also, keeping you in my prayers Peter that your work situation gets resolved so you can have the family time you guys so desperately want and need!
    Say hello to Anissa for us and tell "Mac" it's not nice to "byte the dust!" Take good care, Lori

  2. #2 Dawn
    on May 9th, 2008 at 5:08 pm

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your postings, it's great to hear from you as well as Anissa. Sounds like Peyton's bouncing back and kicking out those bad cells more than one at a time. So glad you can hear her getting back to her old self. It must make you feel so much better when you're so far away.

    It was wonderful to hear about your co-worker yesterday. Perhaps now you know something of why you're up there in Atlanta. I guess we're all guilty of being 'closeted Christians' sometimes (or maybe most of the time if we're honest!) Like you I was brought up by a wonderful Christian Mum (Stephanie Walker's Nan). I accepted Christ and was baptised at 14 but as I grew up, like you, I went through periods of rebellion. But in the end you just know that God's always there and you can always ask for help, peace of mind, reassurance etc. etc. – even silly, inconsequencial things like Chelsea winning an important match like the European Cup final in a couple of weeks (remains to be seen if he answers that one!!). Actually on a totally superficial level, this IS important when you're season ticket holders like us and you've followed them since you were kids!!! I do realise that this is going straight over most peoples heads that are reading this. I'm talking about English football and this match is much bigger that the Superbowl final. It's also the first time we've ever reached the final. That turned into quite a long bit about something I said was superficial didn't it!!

    Anyway, enough said. Just to let you know that what you said yesterday challenged me as well as a lot of others.

    Take care,

  3. #3 Angela
    on May 9th, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    Peyton, So wonderful to hear you had laughter in your voice when you talked to daddy on the phone. It sounds like you and your brother and sister had a really good time at the center. I am glad the blisters are going away. So many people love you honey, people you know and thousands you will probly never meet. We are all sending prayers for you.

    Hope you were able to go see the family, or will next weekend Pete.

    Love you all,