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Just had to add this

I use Gmail and they have their Google-Ads. They are supposed to be “topic sensitive” and put up ads that relate to whatever you are searching for or looking at.

This was my latest ad:

Asian Nose Surgery – www.AsianCosmeticSurgery.com – Charles S. Lee, MD Board Certified Surgeon. Beverly Hills 90210

I don’t think I even what to know what that is! I didn’t know we had our own surgery! And not entirely sure how I got THAT ad.


1 Comment on “Just had to add this”

  1. #1 karalyn
    on Apr 16th, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    I did not know that if an Asian person got liposuction that it is considered "Asian liposuction" I assumed it was just regular old liposuction. But apparently is is quite different.
    Also about the eyelid surgery, I wonder if they do reverse Asian eye surgery, like what if I wanted my Caucasian lid crease to appear more Asian like? Because even though they state that my Caucasian eyes appear more "awake" I sometimes still feel very tired.