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I call it “The Anatomy of a Disaster”

I don’t know if the kids are getting up while we sleep and watching extreme sports or something, but they come up with those cringe-worthy ideas that make you shake your head and wonder what makes a kid think THAT would be fun. Although, my mother would tell you that I was the one that was always climbing trees, getting into everything and generally running amok as a child, so I guess they come by it honestly.

Nathaniel came up with this great idea today and Peyton made a valiant attempt before I quickly put a halt to the whole thing….yes, that’s me…BIG OLD PARTY POOPER. Again, 6 days to go before Christmas vacation is up…no ER visit yet.

Yes, that is the same boogie board used so industriously by Peyton and Rachael just a few days ago in a near catastrophic kitchen-surfing incident. Note the care with which Peyton is attaching the instrument of her impending demise.

I have to tell you, Nathaniel got this awesome 3 wheel Razor scooter and it has the most awesome swivel wheel action. It turns on a dime and has more balance than the traditional 2 wheel variety…meaning that Peter and I could get on, make it go and not worry too much about falling and breaking one of our delicate hips. Every one of us got the chance to try it out, some of us more gracefully that others….and I use the word “grace” in the loosest terms possible.

Peter left early this afternoon to head back to work, the departure wasn’t any easier this time than the first. Rachael borders on a nervous breakdown with each goodbye, she has to be pried off of Pete and then she wails and sobs for a good 15 minutes, but tonight she is coping better and talked to Pete cheerfully on the phone. The other two shed no tears but it does get quite morose around our house for the rest of the day.

We have a pretty easygoing week ahead of us. Tomorrow afternoon we go to the PT office to make sure Peyton fits in her new foot braces then we scoot off to the Ringling Brothers circus. We should love that as we get the chance to see the animals and meet the circus folks prior to the show.

My New Year’s Resolution was apparently to ache from head to toe like an old freaking lady. That’s what happened today after going to the gym yesterday with too much enthusiasm and ambitious goals…and waking up today feeling as though I’d been mugged by the Detroit Lions. So, if anyone sees me tomorrow, looking pitiful and stiff, please feel free to rub me down with Ben-Gay and tell me I don’t need that nasty old gym anyways.

We rocked the New Year as only we could…the kids were in bed by 10 PM and Peter and I lounged lazily, commenting on how ridiculous it seems to want to stand in Time Square with 15,000 people of questionable hygiene practice….I was quite frank that for me to stay in one spot for 12 hours would require a cot, a cooler and a large pack of adult diapers. Not a promising start to the new year, in my opinion. So, we sat at home, we rocked it in with Dick Clark, we were in bed by 12:30. We are boring. We are old. It was great!

We need our rest anyway, we have a big year ahead of us!

Bring it on, 2008!!

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

ps..Let me just tell all of you that we are thankful for 2007 being such a wonderful year…full of the amazing power of God in our lives. But for anyone who needs proof of what he can do in a year, check out last year’s New Years Peyton with this year’s New Years Peyton.

2 Comments on “I call it “The Anatomy of a Disaster””

  1. #1 Jennifer
    on Jan 1st, 2008 at 10:12 pm

    First off, can I just tell you how green with envy I am that your kiddos are playing outside in short sleeves and crocs! Just the fact that they are playing outside at all has me questioning why I live in the midwest where it is currently a frigid TWELVE degrees and with the wind chill factor it is MINUS TWO!!!! "Toto, we are still in Kansas and it's too darn cold!" :WINK

    Peyton's hair is coming in so nicely! She is just so CUTE!


  2. #2 Ami Czorapinski
    on Jan 2nd, 2008 at 10:07 am

    Isn't it funny how we look at pictures from a year ago and can see so much change. And most of that is hair growth! Joshua too was bald last year. Peyton looks so cute with all that hair. Here's to a wonderful and healthy 2008!

    Oh, and my goal is to start on the gym as soon as the fudge from Christmas is gone. (No need to rush things!:TONGUE)