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For clarity

Those of you who might not have a clue what Peter is talking out, he called into a radio show today. Ian Beckles (NFL player) and Ron DIaz (long time radio personality) have a radio sports show and they are huge sponsors of the Children's Cancer Center.

Today they spotlighted a father's view of childhood cancer and there were some amazing talks with dads we know…Leo Astacio (Baby Leo), Mat Gliddon (Mathew) and Pete were all on today.

But what Pete is referring to is his slight flub when asked "How often does your daughter get chemo?"

His answer was "Every other week"

The correct answer would be daily.

He did his best and that didn't distract from the point being that cancer affects each family member differently, but there is no mistaking that it's impact is fierce and constant. I'm very proud of Pete for calling in and having his say, I'm sure he did a great job…I didn't get to hear it first hand because I was dealing with Alabama's insane state tax issues.

Pete definitely got his Britney moment today because I must have gotten 20 calls letting me know what he said!


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