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Begging for punishment

My son is a glutton for punishment.  I mean that in the most literal way possible.  If you remember back in May, during the week of million brain farts last week of school, my son lost his flipping mind had a few issues.  After giving him 3 choices of punishment, he carefully considered the long-term effects of each and went with HOMEWORK ALL SUMMER.  I would like to think he was manipulative enough to think about his choice being a punishment to me as well because now I had to produce said homework and grade said homework.  In truth, the reason he chose that particular torture is because the other two included the words “…and no video games”.  Well, what’s the point of living anyway then?  We might as well just toss ourselves off the bridge!

I told him that I’d give him the first week of summer vacation to just relax and enjoy the non-schoolness of it all. I also lacked the motivation to go and hunt down something that resembled homework.  I’ve been through school, I graduated…I swear! My parents were there, they’ll vouch for me…and yet I feel like I am first-handedly going through elementary school again.  The homework, the spelling lists, the projects that require posterboard and glue and little stick figures representing historical figures.  Yet, as the parent, I am obligated to help my kids however I can and I, therefore, feel as if I’m getting a summer break from school too.

He keeps asking about it!??  Am I going to get my homework?  When are we going to start that work stuff? Did you forget to get that homework book AGAIN?

If my parents had put off administering a punishment, the LAST person on the face of the planet they would have heard about it from would have been me.  And the person they did hear it from would likely have had bodily damage after the fact.  Actually, the person that would have reminded them would have been my sister….thus the mouse issues and all that fun stuff…I am so justified!

Well, I finally got a Punishment Homework Book…an in-between 4-5 grade book that will keep him primed on his 4th grade level stuff and start introducing some 5th grade stuff.  He’s working on it now

At his request.  He is so bizarre. 



1 Comment on “Begging for punishment”

  1. #1 Grandma Pat Mayhew
    on Jun 23rd, 2008 at 3:24 pm

    Hey Nathaniel!\
    Way to go buddy! Keep on sharpening those wits of yours! Here is a fun website with lots of Math games for elementary school kids, check it out! You Rock Nathaniel!
    Grandma Pat & Grandpa Bob Mayhew