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Before you offer to watch my kids

I forgot to share this tasty little tidbit from Wendy, who had the kids overnight last night.

Wendy has a daughter Alyssa who is a year older than Rachael and these two are BFF's in every way. They were thrilled to have an impromptu sleepover, especially on a school night.

Talking to Wendy this morning, apparently Nathaniel refused to bathe in the "princess bathroom", begging to take a shower in her bathroom instead, which was less a threat to his budding masculinity.

This is the one that had me snort coffee out of my nose…pleasant thought, right?

The conversation went like this…

"Do you dare me?"

"Ummm, sure!"

Rachael goes running into the kitchen, "Miss Wendy, Miss Wendy!!! Alyssa is cutting her hair!!!!"

A 7 inch clump, from the front of her hair…GONE.

Since Rachael has taken scissors to her own hair twice, I can only laugh. Why why why? I'm just thankful that Rachael's fingerprints aren't on the scissors, Alyssa's daddy is a sheriff and could probably have that all investigated.

I suppose that beyond the "DO NOT cut your own hair" talk, we'll have to add "Don't encourage your friends to do it either!"

Sorry, Wendy.

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  1. #1 basi
    on May 1st, 2008 at 12:03 pm

    Hi Anissa,
    I'm so glad Pete's back. I can only imagine the look on Peyton's face.
    I'm sorry that the counts, esp. the ANC isn't bouncing up. I'm thinking of you and sending prayers for her continued recovery. Thankfully, she didn't need the cath. Kate hates that, too. Who wouldn't?

    I'm sorry to hear about your little friend, Connor. It's so hard to hear that kind of news. I'm thinking of his parents right now, too and asking God to give them peace, strength and courage to keep going.

    Keep us posted, love,