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Basi’s 6 sentences

Basi Perkins is a very special friend of mine, her daughter Kate has an Optic Glioma. She has been a constant source of encouragement, faith and support. She has an amazing gift for words and expressing what so many of us in the cancer world are going through.

She was recently published at Six Sentences. They publish 6 sentences of writing, many subjects, many styles. These was Basi’s haunting words about the changes cancer has brought into her ife.

“Too many Fridays have come upon us as casually as the Monday morning madness of rush hour. Long days spent at the hospital, standing by her crib, begin to blend one into the other, and like an avalanche, wipe out the rhythm of living, so that Christmas or summer can become the most ordinary and most dreaded of days. It’s always the same day, where the fluorescent lights and beeping IV pumps confound your circadian clock. “It’s Friday,” I said to the doctor, like I could let go, and realizing there was something to look forward to today, something good. Monday approaches with certainty to disappoint us and exhaust diminishing reserves of patience and endurance. Today feels like a Friday, at last. “

You can check out more of Basi’s writing here and at Kate’s CarePage site (SugarKate).


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