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You’re going to put that where?

Apparently the digestional fates decided that Peyton, and myself, don’t quite have enough to deal with these days. She’s had needles stuck in her chest, her spine, her hip bones, her legs, her fingers and her arms, she’s had to ingest more medications in six months than most people will take in a lifetime, she’s been dragged through a medical hell….so let’s add insult to injury, rub salt in that wound and give her a raging case of constipation and have Mom stick something up her rear! Isn’t that just the cake topper? Poor kid, but I have to tell you, the 10 minutes after were probably the best 10 minutes of her whole day.

She went to the clinic on Thursday, got her finger poked and got the ok for a week off from the clinic.*

*When I say week off, that’s baring any dramatic change in color, illness, sudden signs that something might be wrong, pretty much that they say a week off, but they don’t really mean it.

She doesn’t go back in for chemo until the 29th, but it’s a doozy of a day, so we’re going to just coast through the next week and live in a fuzzy haze of denial. She’s really worn out, sort of hopping from energy spurt to energy spurt, she rests often, but she does have a bright future ahead of her in the opera, as long as her solo is called “MOMMY!”

Nathaniel and I had a grand time on the field trip we took with his class on Wednesday. It was to the Tampa Performing Arts Center to see an American History lesson through song, it was fun and the kids seemed to really enjoy it. The greatest part was how educational it was, so much so, that when asked what he learned, Nathaniel responded “That in the 70’s, there was this guy with great big hair that shook his butt to ‘Shake Your Booty’!” Disco, a distracting smudge on the history of America. But we so enjoyed the day together, it was awesome to be able to spend the day with the other moms and be an involved school parent for Nathaniel, which I know he’s missed this year.

Pete got up early and took Nathaniel and Rachael to school today. Overachieving Dad Syndrome?? Oh no, my friend, Donuts with Dad day! On a diet, you ask? Pete’s response “Willpower is a fickle monster”. However, the diet is going well, the kids have stopped turning into loaves of French bread covered in fresh whipped butter when I look at them. In fact, I may already be seeing some progress….however, I may just be delusional from hunger.

Anyway, not a whole lot is going on this weekend for us. The kids are heading to the zoo with their buddies, Peyton is heading to Grandma’s and Pete and I are going to waste hours trying to figure out what to do with the free time we’ve been granted, only to discover that we’ve spent so much time deciding, we no longer have time to do anything. But it’ll be fun and child-free.

f.r.o.G….fully relying on God

ps..funny new Peyton-ism – the kids say "Whazzzzzup" like in the tv commercials, and Peyton can't quite get it so she says "mustache!" It might be one of those things that's funnier when you actually here it, but it IS hysterical.

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