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Why kids don’t matchmake

“Mom, if you hadn’t married Dad what kind of guy would you have married?” Nathaniel asks me out of the blue after I pick him up from school today.

“I have no idea.” I answered, having no idea where this came from and not sure where it’s going.

“Someone hot?” Rachael pipes in.

“Hot?” I ask…loudly….very loudly.

“Someone cool?” Nathaniel adds.

“Someone with cool shoes.” Rachael decides.

“Definitely someone who drives a sweet car.”

“Someone funny!”

“Hey, I married your dad and he’s very funny and he’s very cool.”

“Yeah but his shoes aren’t cool.”

“So, exactly when was I supposed to meet this hot, cool guy with the cool shoes and the sweet car?”

“I think you would have had a lot of crushes, Mom.”

“Thanks, Rachael.”

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