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Threatening chickens

The Doxorubicin and Vincristine had better be doing it's job on the leukemia because it's sure doing a job on Peyton's hair. Already, it's coming off her head and floating through the air like dandelion fluff and she's started saying that her head itches, which has been about a day or two before we've shaved her head in the past. Once it starts to itch, she starts to rub it and then we have Peyton's hair all over the place…the floor..our food….drinks….mouths….it does not taste like chicken!

I took the kids swimming this morning at the YMCA by our house and we spent a whopping 23 minutes in the water before she decided she was cold and didn't want to be there anymore. Normally I would have told her to just deal with it and give the kids some more time, but right now is not the time to battle-of-the-wills….by sheer volume of her cries she wins. Technically, I'm louder….but I get those nasty looks when I yell back.

We went to Chick-fil-a with some friends and I'm sure that chickens all over the country are in a panic…laying eggs and sweating for their lives…between the amounts of scrambled eggs that this kid puts away and the chicken nuggets that were inhaled….those poor chickens don't stand a chance.

I got the dvd from All Children's Hospital with the segment that will show of Peyton…very cute stuff. [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzu7klbWI_8]You can check it out here[/url]. And I know it's all about the hospital and the great work they do, and kids like Peyton getting the top notch care they need…but could I have looked any more tired and haggard and on the verge of complete breakdown?!! I asked Ann, the sweet lady in charge, if they couldn't have just done me the favor of using me as a voiceover! If nothing else, people will light up the line donating money for the poor, ragged, tired parents. But it is awesome, I'm excited about the upcoming telethon….please watch, it's June 2-3, and our family will be on live at 12 PM and 5PM on June 3rd….if you don't usually watch for the telethon itself, you owe it to yourself to watch for sheer comic value, I can't even begin to imagine what my kids are going to do once the camera is on.

There is going to be a yard sale team meeting on Thursday from 1-3 in Brandon at my friend Lisa's house. She's opening up her home for us to have an organization pow wow and she has a pool so the kids can enjoy themselves. If you'd like to come and let the kiddos swim and check out what's happening on the yard sale front, just shoot me an email at [url=mailto:Anissa.Mayhew@verizon.net]Anissa.Mayhew@verizon.net[/url] and I'll send you the address information. Thank you, Lisa!

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

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