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The unknown and unexpected

I’ve gotten fairly used to hearing Peyton complain that something or other hurts, fake crying for no other reason than she’s bored or tired and then I’ve also treated boo-boos, rashes, ouchies and the really bad pains that require a healthy dose of benadryl (as our nurse says, benadryl treats everything from aches and pains to allergic reactions and insomnia in cancer kids). But today was a new one. Peyton was writhing around, crying and wailing with an intensity that could only mean serious pain. I couldn’t see any blood, I didn’t hear her fall or bang anything, so there was really no clue to what was wrong.

“My teeth are stuck together!”

As if life with cancer isn’t enough to deal with, Peyton found out that certain brands of taffy work as the equivalent of superglue! When she finally worked through it and grinned up at me with blue gunk wedged in her teeth, just a cavity-inducing mass of sugar-cement, I had to laugh….even in the face of her distress. Because that’s the kind of parent I am.

I have decided that I’m not allowing another single toy to leave this house….ever…because every toy I ever enjoyed as a child has suddenly become cool again. Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Holly Hobbie….and I’m a little ashamed to admit it….I have to agree with Pete that the new Transformer movie looks pretty darn cool.

I am still collecting mad donations from businesses for the Relay for Life auction we’re going to hold. I sure hope there are enough people to warrant the amount of stuff I’ve pulled in….if not, my team may be eating out free for quite a while! You all missed a precious moment when Peyton and Judy, the manager of our local Publix, sat on the floor of the store in front of all the customers and counted out pennies into a mason jar together. Judy has been wonderful to my family, making sure there are always an extra special cookie at the bakery, balloons that will match Peyton’s outfit….spoiling the kid rotten for any other grocery store…..method to her madness, huh? She’s a wonderful lady and is already committed to participating in our team next year.

Today I was truly reminded that if I ever thought I could understand life, I was so mistaken. I shouldn’t even try. I got an email from a friend last week asking me pray for a special couple. Chad and Kelly are in love and then Chad is diagnosed with ALS, (Lou Gehrig’s disease), terminal and give 6 months to live. Chad and Kelly decided to hurry and get married so they could celebrate a wedding together before he was taken by God. They were scheduled to get married this coming Saturday and last night Chad went into the hospital. This morning he died. 6 days short of being able to marry the woman he loved. 7 days into the 6 months the doctors gave him to live. I am praying for peace and comfort for Chad’s family, for them to see the plan of God’s will, which can be hard to grasp and harder to accept. I’m praying that Kelly finds comfort in knowing that Chad is pain-free, in the arms of the Lord, and that one day they will be united there.

Lisa was blessed to take this picture of Kelly and Chad on Sunday, just hours before Chad was taken. Let's treasure every moment, only the Lord knows how many we have.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

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