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The toothless wonder!

Pete made the blanket statement "Is everyone back to feeling healthy again?"

Leave it up to ever practical Nathaniel to state it baldly "Yeah, except for Peyton's cancer, we're all good!" Right….except for that cancer thing we're the picture of health. That darn cancer is always ruining the health curve in our house.

Rachael had a huge landmark of childhood today! She lost her first tooth. Gaping hole, she ran around gleefully shoving her bloody little tooth in my face shouting "I pulled it out all by myself and it didn't even hurt, and I thought it was going to hurt, but I pulled it out….I am tough!" Mind you, the thing was hanging by a whisper thin, butterfly eyelash piece of gum fiber…but yes, the actual final pulling is a monumental thing and we are very hopeful that the Tooth Fairy doesn't forget and pass out on the couch before making her nightly deposit tonight.

We went to the free weekly movie our local theatre puts on during the summer….14 theaters full of kids…I mean, packed like sardines full…they don't even bother to show that "please don't add your own soundtrack, don't make noise" pre-movie warnings…why waste the electricity?

The three kids and I trekked up to the clinic today where it was confirmed that Peyton's spots are definitely not chicken pox related (yeah!) and she got her chemo (boo!) and her counts were low (boo!) but we did get our roadmap that starts us into maintenance (yeah!). Wow…all that emotion…are you feeling drained?

We are rolling safely into Peyton-Palooza weekend…threats of plague, fevers and other hospital-related ick are for the most part behind us! I say that knowing that "all plans are subject to change in the blink of an eye". We are also praying that the 50% chance of rain falls in our favor! Please pray with us on that one.

We remain in prayer for [url=http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/nikkihawkins]Nikki Hawkins[/url]…her fever has finally broken at last update and they think that they will be able to transport her home to receive the rest of her 9 days of treatment for the arm infection at All Children's Hospital. We are hopeful that this will happen so that she can be back where she's familiar and so that she and her mom Penny can see her brothers Will and Jared more frequently. I know one of the hardest parts of being stuck in Orlando for Penny has been the extended stay away from her boys. So we just pray that the Lord keeps Nikki safe and continues to provide healing for her sick little body and patience and strength for the whole family.

f.r.o.G….fully relying on God

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