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Team Peyton continues to make progress. There’s been some questions about the Relay for Life event that we’re going to be a part of and hopefully I can clarify some of it.

The event is at the USF soccer field on April 13-14. It’s an overnight event so you can plan to bring a tent, cooler and make a night of it. Or you can come, participate for as long as you can, and go home and sleep in your comfy cosy bed while the rest of us think resentful thoughts about you from our sleeping bags.

Yes, kids are welcome to come, we are planning to take all of ours. In fact, we want them to be there to have the full experience, to have more understanding of how cancer affects families just like ours.

There will be a survivor lap, where cancer survivors and those currently in treatment will be walking a special lap….of course, Peyton will be there! No, you do not have to walk all night, you can if you want….if you want to get donations based on the number of laps then I’ll walk behind you with a cattle prod to keep you moving. But if you get flat donations, then you can roll up with a beach lounger and do crossword puzzles if you want. We just want to encourage anyone who can to come, be a part, spread awareness, get the word out there and make a difference.

Now, for those who live far enough away to be thinking you’re safe….you’re not. What you can do to help is join our team online, collect donation via the team website for Team Peyton and help make our endeavor a success. Take a lap around the block and think of how much it means to have the healthy people in your life. Do this for the child in your life who doesn’t have cancer and with any hope at all, never will.

I’m doing this for Peyton, for my mother, my grandmother, Peter’s grandmother, Peter’s aunt and cousin….the lists go on and on. People are always telling me about the ways their lives have been influenced by cancer, a friend, a relative, someone in their life has touched them.

f.ro.G…fully relying on God

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