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Swimming in CRUD

I was speechless today. No, not shocked or awed…actually verbally-challenged. Peyton and I are suffering through a monster case of the crud, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, congestion and all sorts of other fun cold-like festivities. And I lost my voice.

Lost my voice, croaking like a rabid frog, it was awful.

My kids were joyful! I must have stood there for 6 minutes, yelling at them to hurry up and get a move on and they strolled around in complete oblivian….

”Did you hear that??”
“No, it must have been the wind.”
“Hmm, notice that lovely shade of red mom’s turning?”
“Wonder when she took up the art of Mime?”

I was browsing through a magazine and sneezed into it….Peyton looks at it and says “Mom, did you just snot in that book?” Yes, I did. “Mommy, that’s naaaasty!” Yes, it is, sweetheart, yes it is.

Peyton had her clinic visit this morning, getting her port accessed and her Vincristine push. We came home with our monthly prescriptions of 6MP, Methotrexate and Decadron (the steroid). She did well at the clinic, but we weren’t able to participate in the music class because of her obvious symptoms. We even stood outside the door for a moment and peeked through the window, and she was so disappointed that she couldn’t go play and sing. Unfortunately, because we’re both sick we don’t get to go to Little Tales tomorrow. It’s going to be a very dark day. It’s one of the wonderful things about the CCC. We know that everyone’s aware of the immunity issues so no one brings a sick child and endangers everyone else, but it stinks when you’re the one at home with the child who’s moping because she can’t play.

Peyton dressed and prepped for dance class….can you imagine that face when she got the big fat NO?

So, instead we’re going to go to the grocery store and stock up on our steroid staples: eggs, A-1, black olives, eggs, strawberries, eggs….maybe while we’re in Atlanta we can look into raising our own chickens.

There is so much in process with this whole moving thing.

Thank you so much to all the friends who have told us how missed we will be. It makes it harder to leave, but it also lets me know that we have the kinds of friendships that will endure through the miles. I get a little teary when I think about the actual goodbyes, but I’m also excited about what the future holds.

So many things are falling into place and the list of things to do just seems to get longer and longer. Our real hope is that everything will come together so that we can all be in a house together in Atlanta by January, but we also understand that there may be obstacles to that goal and we have to plan for the big family move after school lets out. I don’t know if there really is any one better way of doing it, but I just know in my head how I’d like it to work out. My head is the launching pad….does that scare you as much as it scares me?

Planning out the move, packing, finding a place to live in GA, getting everything ready to make the medical transition, the school transition and the work transition is just overwhelming. I really detest moving.

Please pray for the Lord to just provide the patience, the energy and the understanding we’re going to need to get through these next months.

f.r.o.G….fully relying on God

ps….Rob, owner of Dynamic Painting and a participant of the Angels Among Us program through the Brandon Foundation came out this week and just worked his butt off! He got the old deck tore up and the new one in place in 3 days and it looks fantastic. Thank you so much to Rob, Liz and Natalie for all your help and love.

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  1. #1 Karalyn
    on Oct 29th, 2007 at 10:45 pm

    Anissa, I hope you and Peyton are feeling better soon. But while you're sick can you stop over my house real quick and breathe on my kids so that they can lose their voices? Love, Karalyn