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As if to say “Hey, I can produce lovely weather as well…including, but not limited to, mellow temperatures, crisp night air, cloudless skies and a soothing breeze”, we enjoyed our day at the Bucs game in beautiful weather.

For those of you that know Florida weather, you can skip the next paragraph. For those unfamiliar with our weather, I’m sure you picture Florida life being one great big beach party, lounging around outside enjoying the salt tang in the air. In reality, we basically run from air conditioned building to air conditioned building, cursing the time it takes for the air conditioner in the car to bring the heat level down to a temperature which doesn’t make you feel as if you’re being baked alive. It starts about March and it doesn’t quit until November.

They don’t put that in the brochures now do they??

“Come to Florida, experience life as an ant under a magnifying glass!”

I’m only hoping that Atlanta weather is more accommodating. At least if there is going to be scathingly hot weather there is the chance that it will be followed by something resembling another season.

Yes, Peyton DOES have a hair bow to match every different sporting event!

This is Greg and Peyton

(All these great pictures are courtesy of our dear friend and neighbor Greg and his wonderful new camera! Thanks for capturing a great day and giving us at least one picture of Pete and I together!!!)

The football game was awesome. We got to share the day with lots of our friends, the Bertoch and Storch families were in attendance and we got the chance to taunt Doug Powell (Adelaine’s Dad) who had seats in the third tier….that would be just 4 inches from where the jets fly over the stadium….while we basked in the second row seats and the thrill of only being able to really see what’s 20 feet directly in front of us.

We discovered that free tickets are great unless you’re in the throws of steroids.

“Peyton wants another hot dog.”

“She just finished one.”

“She wants another one.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“GET her a hot dog!”

It comes down to the point where we can either spend the rest of her college fund feeding her need for processed meats or we can just leave and hope she doesn’t come unhinged and bite the arm off some stranger walking next to us.

Several amusing things happened today. While watching the jumbo-tron, there was an ad for the United Way and there was a picture of the cutest little bald kid….wait, that’s our cute little bald kid…I’m all “HEY! THAT’S PEYTON!”…and Pete’s all “when did she start doing commercials for the United Way?” Hmmm, good question. It was a picture that we took during her wish trip and we got to spend the day meeting the Bucs players, but I didn’t realize they were going to use it on the jumbo-tron. It would be wrong to sue the United Way for not getting our permission to use the picture, right??

Then, as we were leaving the stadium a guy just came up to me and said “Stay right here, I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t leave.”


Standing right here.

Not leaving.

Obeying the command of the stranger.

I asked Pete if he thought this was just some gag to see how long we would stay in one place before we realized he wasn’t coming back.

Then the very nice man came back with a Bucs teddy bear that’s the same size as Peyton. He just said that his heart was touched by her.

I don’t know if he realized that she was a cancer kid or if he just felt sorry for her because we obviously have forced this horrible hair cut on her.

But his gesture was very nice and in the car she made sure I seat-belted the bear, she gave “Lily” all of her beads and put a hat on her. Lily is now officially part of the family.

Rachael had a wonderful day with her friend Alyssa. She spent most of Saturday there and then went back for more today. Wendy, the mom, gave a glowing report of Rachael’s manners and sweetness. That’s just awesome to hear! It’s nice to know that when your kids are out of your sight they act like civilized humans and are actually liked and welcomed back. A HUGE thanks goes out to the McPikes for a fantastic weekend of fun for Rachael.

Nathaniel went to a birthday party for one of his classmates with a friend of ours. He spent the whole afternoon eating crap and candy and came home with a wicked headache and tummy ache. Go figure.

Peyton’s eating this round of steroids has been pretty vicious. When she finishes one meal, she’ll actually start planning the next one. We were in the car, leaving Cracker Barrel, having just filled her to max capacity and she’s in her carseat talking to herself. “And I’m going to have a hot dog, strawberries, a banana and some green beans.” I asked her if she was hungry again already and she said no, she was just thinking about her favorite foods.

We ran out of hot dogs, strawberries, and eggs at around 9 PM tonight. There is a very good chance that when Peyton wakes up she’ll be very hungry and then very angry. God have mercy on us all.

f.r.o.G….fully relying on God

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