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public service announcements rock!

“I am a pirate! A pirate with a cell phone!”

How exactly a dress on her head and a flashlight at her ear makes her a pirate, I’m not sure. She actually has a play eye patch and little toy cell phones…so this was sheer imagination at work. She walked around with that dress on her head yelling “ARRRRGGGGHH!!” at the dog. I give complete credit to the dog for not even bothering to open her eyes. I wish I had an imagination like that….I’d put a copy of Vogue on my head, duct tape a DVD of Oceans 11 to my chest and tell strangers “I’m a supermodel and I date George Clooney!”

The weekend is rolling by. I was supposed to pack up the kids for a joyous reunion with Pete in Madeira Beach today. However, at about 1 o’clock yesterday I remembered I was supposed to drop the dog off at the kennel at 11 AM….and there she sat at my feet, not at the kennel. As the vets office is closed on Sunday, we’ll be dropping her off and driving down to meet him tomorrow instead.

Word is that Pete and Doug have been having a ball down at the condo. I wasn’t all that worried about them being able to find amusing exploits and they haven’t failed me. They shared with me that they spent one evening having beers while watching a band that wore spandex outfits and 80’s rocker wigs. Pete said they were pretty decent, I am amazed that he was able to even pay attention to the fact that they were singing.

The kids and I have been hanging pretty much as we always would. We went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel yesterday and while chatting with Agnes at the checkout, I shared that we just went on Peyton’s wish trip. The woman standing next to me almost came out of her skin. I’m not exactly sure what publication she writes for, I’m not entirely positive what she’s writing about, but she was VERY pumped up about writing something for someone about Peyton and her wish trip. She spoke very fast, and for me to say that about someone else, that was pretty darn speedy speaking! I have no idea what or who it was all about, but it should be interesting if she actually contacts me for a Peyton-view (yes, I’m making up my own words again…short for Peyton interview).

Peyton’s head finally quit peeling, most of the skin came off in her bath last night…

This picture is pre-bath

Rachael almost broke her ankle trying to super-hero-leap from the water when she realized that there were bits of Peyton’s dried up, crusty scalp floating around with her. “That was the grossest thing ever, mom! That’s worse than when she sneezed snot in my face.” I personally think that’s a pretty tight toss up on the gross factor, but she made the call. Under all the crustiness was a perfectly smooth and downy soft skin, the kind that I will never again experience personally and would consider radiation treatment if I thought it would produce that kind of result without all the yucky side effects.

Just seconds before her non-human leap from the tub!

My parents’ VCR blinked 00:00 for years, yet Peyton has figured out how to use the TIVO remote at 3 years old. And how thankful I am, because otherwise, how else could I be beckoned 15 times a day “Mommy, come here! Come here! Come here! Now now now!”, thinking she may have spontaneously burst into flames or a rabid moose has strolled into the living room. Only to find out that the public service announcement for booster seats is on…again….and she wants to make sure I see it…again…know that THAT is the kind of booster seat she wants…again….if I love her at all I will immediately rush out and purchase her that booster seat because otherwise she could fly out of the car at any moment. Yes, as you can see, I’m speeding out at this very second to go get one. I’m glad that the PSA is working on someone though, I would hate to think that they were wasting that money.

f.r.o.G….fully relying on God

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  1. #1 Penny Hawkins
    on Aug 14th, 2007 at 11:00 am

    We were so happy to have you all for the party. THANKS for coming. Anissa – I do have that picture of you in your billy bob teeth. Gonna use it for blackmail. LOL – hope to see you soon….. Penny

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