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Prayers please

Our friends Karen and Mat Gliddon are supposed to get results today on a bone marrow aspirate done yesterday. Their son Mathew has the same kind of leukemia as Peyton, he’s done the same higher risk protocol and had the same cranial radiation treatment.

Two weeks ago they began holding Mathew’s chemo because his counts weren’t rebounding and on Monday there was a significant drop in counts and suspicious “things” in his bloodwork. Yesterday his counts had dropped again after having received blood products on Monday and they did a bone marrow to check for signs of relapse.

I cannot tell you how my heart hurts for Karen and Mathew and their precious son. This is every cancer parent’s nightmare, to hear those words, to even have it suggested. Because Mathew’s still in treatment, he’s in maintenance, a relapse would be much harder to treat.

I’m asking you all to just pray pray pray for Mathew’s healing, for the bone marrow results to come back clear, but mostly for the Gliddons to face whatever God has planned for them with faith, strength and continued hope.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

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