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Prayers for Hannah

Hannah Deal is a child with a brain stem tumor that I’ve asked you all to pray for repeatedly.

The prayers are so desperately needed right now.

Her family has been told that there is nothing they can do. The only treatment they could opt to do would give her time, but it would be so harsh and her body so weakened, there would be no quality of life for her. So, they are taking her off all treatment so that they can enjoy the time that she has left.

They have known that Hannah's time was slipping away, but the family has never given up hope. Lisa will be going to a funeral home to make arrangements for Hannah so when the time comes they will not have to worry about it.

Please lift this family up in prayer, ask the Lord to give them the comfort, peace and strength they need to get through this time. I don't know what else to say, my heart is just breaking for my friend, she is tucking away each precious moment with Hannah, making the memories that will have to be held in her heart forever.

Please take a moment and go to her website and just leave a few words of support and prayer for the Deal family.


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