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My first wheels

Just to keep things interesting, I like to mess with my kids. Perhaps that surprises you…you must not have been reading this blog for very long.

Tonight at dinner, the kids were getting a little down about not seeing Pete and to break up the moodiness I threw out a challenge. I would buy a Wi for the kid who could lick the tip of their elbow. What??? Offering to buy a tech toy that you pretty much have to sell your soul to the devil to get your hands on this time of year?? If you’d been sitting around my table, you’d have understood why that was a safe bet. The kids spent the better part of 10 minutes contorting their bodies, to the point of trying to dislocate their shoulders, to get their tongues to touch the elbow….there were a couple of times that I was worried that Rachael might actually do it…she could be a fill-in for KISS.

So, I promise, you won’t be disappointed, try it at home….plan ahead, get the video camera ready…it’s priceless!

The kids and I got the Christmas tree up and fully decorated tonight, it was fun and we only lost one bulb. It was great, it looked like our tree was decorated by oompa loompas in that there were only bulbs on the bottom half…what can I say, they’re short?? As I am no basketball player, there is currently no angel or star on top.

What do you get the child who has everything? Well, a SWAT team assault vehicle, of course!

At Little Tales yesterday, the Tampa police and firemen came out with a truck and an assault vehicle to let the kids crawl around in and to promote the Badge Bowl. The Badge Bowl is this coming Saturday, starting at 5 PM at Wharton High School. If you can make it, please do, its going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to see Nathaniel’s face when he gets to ride on the firetruck and hummer. He was pretty irked that Peyton got to hang in what looks like a tank while he’s taking a spelling test.

“Awww, come on! She doesn’t even know what it does!”

As if Captain Commando there would have been able to actually DO something with it.

But the kids got to crawl in and out of the different vehicles, they all hammed it up for the reporters and we are hoping for a wonderfully successful event. Our friend Brooke Martin is the BB recipient this year and we want to see a HUGE crowd come out to support them.

There are so many who need prayers right now, I can’t even begin to list them all. But please ask the Lord for health, healing, strength and comfort for each child suffering through their disease, for successful treatments, for good test results, for each family member struggling to maintain faith and focus, for every doctor to have His wisdom and guidance leading them.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

ps….The Daring Duo has officially become the Three Amigas, our new friend Presley can seriously hold her own with Adelaine and Peyton!

I call this picture “The many stages of Cancer Hair”

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