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Maybe Monday just has a bad reputation

When God decides to rain down blessings, sometimes He POURS them on!

I got a call this afternoon letting me know that a family from our school had heard about our issues with tuition for next year. This family has 3 kids attending and one of them is getting ready to head off to high school, so they made the committment to put the tuition that was already budgeted in for one of our children for next year. That's one child's tuition for the whole year. Praise God!! That just blew me away and is such an amazing thing for my kids. I haven't even begun to tell them that its a possibility they might not be able to attend. I'm just trusting the Lord to make the decision for us and this is one way that He has shown us his plans for the kids. Whooo hooo!

The "Peyton Yard Sale" team also had its first meeting tonight and the ideas and suggestions just flew! There is so much to do and plan, but I know that these details are going to come together. One blessing in our lives has been the amazing support and encouragement we continue to receive and the people who have stepped up at this time to say "I'll help however I can", "we have stuff we can donate for sale", "what do you need me to do?" are just phenomenal. This is God's work in action fr us and it is fantastic to see.

I'm going to try to organize a quick get together for breakfast (Peyton's favorite meal of the day) for a follow up meeting for anyone who couldn't make it and wanted to. If you'd like to join us, just email me at [url=mailto:anissa.mayhew@verizon.net]anissa.mayhew@verizon.net[/url].

Peyton looks great. She has been off her chemo for two weeks, and off one specific medication, Vincristine, for well over a month. This time has given her full energy speed, her hair's really been coming in (long enough that she wakes up with wicked bed head!), her counts are nice and high and she looks so fantastically healthy. She's been putting on weight for a change, since she's been off the chemo she's actually wanting to eat whole meals! She hasn't done that in 10 months, at least not steroid-inspired meal….and its awesome to see her little face looking rosy and healthy.

Now the stinky part is that we're building her up so she can be hit hard with this next round of chemo that starts on Wednesday, but at least she's starting off pretty high! I'm not looking forward to it, but the sooner we get it started, the sooner we can get it over.

I did realize that her delayed reactions may fall smack dab into the dates that we've got set for our [url=http://www.childrensdreamfund.org]Children's Dream Fund[/url] trip to Disney, but we're praying that she feels good enough to enjoy the trip anyways. The nice thing about groups like this is that they understand that we expect the unexpected and many trips are rearranged for whatever reasons. So, we don't feel a whole lot of pressure because if she doesn't feel good, we can always do it later.

Peter and I have decided, that if the owner of the condo that was gifted to us agrees, we're going to share our blessing with others. We're going to time it out so that the Dads of cancer kids can go for two days, then we'll spend family time there alone, then the moms can use the final two days. How cool is that? To be able to use this gift as a way to benefit as many families as we can with a brief break and retreat, time for fellowship and laughs and just getting to take a breath. I'm so excited about the prospect of it all, time with friends and especially time with my family. Pray this plan works out because I know that much like our family, many of these can't afford to take a nice long vacation and this would be an opportunity to get away, for an afternoon at the beach or a fun sleepover!

These pictures were posted at the [url=http://www.forethechildren.org/albumn_2007.php]Fore the Children[/url] website. There is a great shot near the bottom of us with the golfers who blessed us with the vacation package.

Can I just say again how much I love the pictures that [url=http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/nikkihawkins]Penny Hawkins[/url] took of the girls?!! They're awesome and I love them and will cherish them forever.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

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