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Last spinal tap for 3 months!

Today was a blur.

This morning I had to prod Nathaniel out of bed for soccer camp and got the girls up and running for “Free Movie Wednesday”. After seeing Ice Age 2, I sent Rachael off with my friend Kim for the afternoon and she picked Nathaniel up from soccer as well. I had to take Peyton down to the Children’s Cancer Center because we left her diaper bag behind when we left playgroup on Tuesday. Normally it wouldn’t have been a big deal and no worth a trip downtown, but because she was due for her spinal and port chemo today and all her EMLA cream was in the diaper bag, we had to go.

They teased me mercilessly at the clinic because I had a complete blond moment on Monday. I had it in my head all weekend that her chemo appointment on Monday was at 3:30 and just as we were getting ready to leave the house at 3:00 when I got a call from the clinic.

“Is everything ok?”

“Yeah, we’re just walking out the door on our way up there to the clinic.”

“Your appointment was at 1:00.”


“Yes really.”


So, they all gave me a hard time about my total brain fart, I’m usually pretty good about keeping our schedules in synch, so they really got a kick out of this. The irony of it is that they hacked on me for thinking we could do a spinal tap on Monday at 3:30…but today, when her chemo finally got ready, and we got down to business…it was 3:30! It’s all good, she got her spinal Methotrexate and her Vincristine via her port, plus she starts her 5 days of steroids and her regular nightly dose of 6MP.

Tonight after dinner we were visited by a group from our church, the motorcycle ministry came by. They rolled up nice and noisy and parked all the down the street in front of our house. They brought sweet presents for Peyton and just came to give us encouragement and pray over our family. It was such a wonderful way to end a really tiring day, with this reminder that God provides extra strength when we need it most.

I have to tell you, one of the funniest things that my kids do is sing in the car. They sing loud and with complete disregard for whether or not they know the words to the songs. It just cracks me up to hear some of the stuff they come up. Rachael has taken up rapping now (like all good half-asian girls do) with the line “I like big butts and I’m in the sky!” I don’t know if they actually think about the words that they’re saying, but it makes for good times rolling down the street.

Other things that keep me giggling….a house down the street from us has been revamped and it’s been fun to watch all the improvements they’ve made. Then suddenly, there’s a sign on the front that says “The Korean News”….and I’m excited because that must mean me, right?! Every day that I pass that sign I feel like just running in and saying “Nope, nothing new today, but thanks for keeping track!”

Tomorrow is another normal busy day in the Mayhew house, Nathaniel has soccer camp, Rachael has art class, Peyton and I have a million errands to run, i’ve promised to take the kids for a swim at the Y, and then we are going to the fundraiser for Sydney Sims. It’s from 6-8 at Bell Shoals Church in Brandon, if you have the time and can make it, please come support this brave young lady and her family. Dinner is being provided by Cheddar’s Restaurant and there will be live music by Chad Brock. We just ask that you all keep giving Sydney much needed prayer support.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

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